Harem of Nurses: True Happy Ending Guide

This guide will show you all of the “correct” choices to get to the true happy ending.



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This guide will give you the correct selections to make it to the True Happy Ending. In order to get all of the scenes you will need to get the bad endings. To get the bad endings you simply make a different selection than the correct selection.

The guide is broken down by:

Pre-Harem, things you do before you start building your harem
Women – The selections you need to make for each woman

Choices will be shown as:

Wrong choice

Pick me

Most of the sections with more than two choices are to fill in the story, you can select them all, or just continue as it doesn’t affect the story.


Give way

Do not give way

Check the front of the device
Check the back of the device


Put it back

Take it
Open the gate

Don’t open the gate

Listen to her

I’m the guard, not the porter
Use it

Don’t use it

Finish up
Hypnotise again


Look for the right people
Different settings in the harem

End of thinking

At this point you will have the opportunity to select the girl you want to work on. You can pick one until you have her in the harem or cycle through them all until you have them in your harem.


Scene 1

Give up for now

Have her now

Scene 2

Go and check

Leave it

Leave her to recover herself


Scene 3
Beat him up first

Solve the problem first
Invite her into my harem


Scene 2

Approach her

Do not approach her

Scene 3

Invite her into my harem


Scene 1

Try to help

Leave it

Go shopping for clothes

Watch a movie

I couldn’t bear with it. Use the device again

No need to hurry

Scene 2

Just smile

Mock back

Accompany her

Go home and play games

Scene 3

Invite her into my harem


Scene 1
Show her with patience

Just go along

Scene 2
Call the police

Ask cousin for help

Go by myself

I came to buy goods

I came to look for people

Scene 3
Drive him away by force

Use the hypontic device

Threaten: make him leave here

Trick: you need more drugs
Invite her into my harem


Scene 2
Motivation for pregnancy
The couple’s relationship

Nothing else to ask

Scene 3
Call out to her

Follow her

Hypontise the doctor

Hypnotise the husband
Invite her into my harem

Post Harem

You will only get to her if you already have all five women in your harem.

Means of access
Battery left
Amazing effects

Stop thinking

Confirm if the driver remembered

Try to hypnotise oneself

Attack first

Pretend to surrender
Use the hypnotic device

Keep the device and silence them

Hand in the device. Life is more important

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