Have a Nice Death: Toxic Food Thanagers Guide

A guide to fighting the Toxic Food-Processing Department Thanagers. (This guide will be updated as more Thanagers get added).


Movement Tips

Since I will be using a few terms that may or may not be what the techniques are called by most others, I will be storing them here (and I will put this is any future Have a Nice Death guides that I make).

1. Upperslash
What I call the “upperslash” is one of the most important techniques when it comes to dodging. It is performed by doing an up attack, simple. The height can also be increased by jumping when performing the upperslash. This is useful when trying to get high into the air or to dodge attacks that cover the entire ground.

2. Air combos
They have as much utility as they have combat, as they can be used to extend airtime. These are useful for lingering attacks or when there isn’t enough safe space to land.

All attacks mentioned are not the official names, and are what I call them.

Pierce Gorske


  • Stab Combo: Gorske stabs his toothpicks into the ground and proceeds to spin around. This attack can be dodged by moving away or above Gorske
  • Flip Combo: Gorske will swing his toothpicks in front of him in a large radius before performing a frontflip towards Death, with the pointy ends of his toothpicks outward. This can be dodged by dashing behind Gorske and either performing an upperslash or moving away to avoid the back of the slash.
  • Throwing knives: There are two variants of this attack. The first is when Gorske teleports and throws three blades towards Death. The second variant is when he jumps into the air and throws four blades in a diagonal direction, usually in a 45% angle to the ground, but there will be some variation for each blade.
  • Parry: Gorske will cross his toothpicks in an X shape, shielding him. If any attack hits him when he is shielded, he will lunge forward damaging Death if he is in Gorske’s path. Dodging this after it has been triggered is as easy as going airborne by any means.
  • Hyperslash: Gorske will teleport to on end of the arena before dashing to the far end, creating an area that will explode after a delay of approximately one second. This can be dodged be executing an upperslash and an air combo to stay midair until the explosion has ended.



  • Lollichop: Candice teleports three times before teleporting near Death and smashing her lollipop onto the ground. This attack can be dodged by moving away from her.
  • Baton Spin: Candice teleports three times near the edges of the arena before spinning her lollipop like a baton and reaching towards the center of the arena. This attack can be dodged by either moving to the opposite side of the arena Candice is on or going airborne.
  • Slam: There are four variations to this attack. The first one is when Candice teleports above Death, faking out 2-3 times before slamming her lollipop onto the ground. The second variation is when Candice teleports to the left side of the arena, slamming her lollipop onto the ground, and proceeding to do the same on the right side and the center of the arena. The third variation is when Candice teleports once, executes the beginning of the lollichop attack, then teleports above Death to attack. The final variation is when Candice teleports to the center of the arena, performing a slam, and immediately after executes a baton spin attack. The slams themselves can be dodged by simply moving away from Candice in a straight line, horizontally.

By Crevice; Abyssal Storm

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