Haven Park: How to Get into the Old Castle

Here is a simple guide on how to get into the old Castle.


How to fix the rope bridge:
The rope to repair the rope bridge is next to your grandma at the turtle rock campground.
Return to the bridge with the rope and 5 wood.

How to fix the second snowy bridge:
You need to get to the other side to fix it. Starting from the bridge, walk west past trail marker 16. Behind ‘The Refuge’ house is a narrow path along the cliff, follow it up to the next high area. The bridge is south east of this new plateau. And cost 5 wood to repair.

How to get Robin the 15th’s crown of fay:
Robin is next to castle gate and will not let you into the campground until you bring back their crown. Walk south west along the winding paths into some castle ruins. Talk to the snowman, he will ask you to find him a nose. (make sure the quest popped up on your screen otherwise you can’t talk to the snowman). Give him the gem from the black tower book quest and he gives you the crown. Return with the crown and Robin will open the gate.

Location Black Tower: Starting from Willows Beach Campground(south east corner of the map), walk north west a short ways and you’ll see the Black Tower.

“The Gem of Black Tower” rewards The Gem of the Black Tower
Correct answers:
You make a torch and light it
You take the stairs going down
You enter the crypt as quietly as possible
You pass right next to him, very carefully
You take it
You start singing a lullaby
You jump on the side
Then you need to find a shovel, from the black Tower campground walk west towards the canyon, the path should split at a sign go north on the trail label canyon. You should see the construction site shortly after just left of the path.
Then return to the tower
You knock on the door
Now you need to find a replacement for your torch, jump off the tower and head west into the sandy part of the map, next to the small pond should be a lantern. It’s very close so don’t head too far.
You mutter a very shy ”hello…?”
250 coins (third answer not sure if the math makes sense)

Old Castle
 from the Turtle Rock campground you’ll have to repair the rope bridge, and walk as far west as you can to the narrow path on the cliff. Then walk north along the cliff path to the snowy ruins. you need to complete robin’s crown quest, by giving the snowman the gem from the black tower quest to get the crown. Once you give robin the crown they will open the gate to the campground.

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