Head AS Code: The Rest Doesn’t Matter Guide

While it isn’t too difficult to make a route for yourself for this achievement, a guide can’t hurt, right?
That being said, this is one route to do it! 9 endings, one achievement (likely two since I assume this is all you have left to get Smile And Shine Once Again), no waiting!
It is highly encouraged that you have a fully completed save file before attempting this so you can fast forward.


Absolute Basics

Alright, lets look at the title screen. Yours probably has the flowchart button unlocked already, doesn’t it? If so, here’s some basics!

1) Go to ‘Save Files’
2) Click a save file that has no data
3) Click ‘back’ to return to the main menu.

And now here’s where we can begin. For a brief overview of the plan, here is the order we will do the endings. If you’re a veteran of the game, you can probably get it from this ordering alone, but the rest of the guide will be here for those who are stuck!

A > D > C > Q > F > I > P > R > S

Ending A isn’t worth talking about, as you will get it on your first run regardless. So do that run and come back to the guide!

The Actual Guide

Now that you’ve gotten Ending A, lets go through the others! The instructions will be so short its not worth individual sections, so here we go!
Note: Only puzzles which have split endings depending on how you solve them will be covered in this guideEnding D
In your Flowchart, go to ASylum (4), the first lime icon on the top row.
Fast forward through until given a choice between caring about the paper or not. Press “Simon believed the note was important.”, this will put you on the orange line
Continue to fast forward, solving the Gym as you go, until given your next actual choice.
Select “Simon believed it was best to accompany E”, and keep going.
Now, get the most heartbreaking ending in the game. While in the theater, simply keep clicking to interact with the door, its the furthest icon to the right, you can’t miss it. Enjoy fast-forwarding until you hit the credits.Ending C
In your Flowchart, go to dilemmAS (1), right before the orange line turns up and into the theater FAS
When presented with the first actual choice of this ending, select “Simon believed it was best to go with Marco”
At this point, you’re on a one-way track to ending C. Fast forward.

Ending Q
In your Flowchart, go to eASing in (3), the fourth icon on the lime line.
When given an actual choice, select “Simon believed in going with Ray”
Solve the bedroom with Ray, and when given your next choice, select “Simon believed he wanted to go as a team”
Solve the security room with Jasmine, and at your next choice, choose “Simon believed it was best to collect more info first”
As your next choice, we’re going through our first gate! Select “Simon believed in going to the library alone” and you’ve got this ending

Ending F
In your Flowchart, go to irAScible (3), where the blue line splits off from the yellow line.
When given your first choice, select “Simon believed he wanted to stay with A”
At the next choice, select “Simon believed it was best to accompany H”
In the reactor, its time to do another puzzle! Click on the reactor doors to observe them, then click on the interact button over the pile of junk to the left. Then, click on the reactor door two more times to try and fail to sacrifice yourself. Now, just have fun looking at the vats.

Ending I
In your Flowchart, go to bypASs (3), where you can see the pink line splitting off from the lime line.
When given the choice, select “Simon stayed in the lounge”
Then, at the next choice, go for “Simon believed it best to tackle Jasmine”
Fast forward to credits

Ending P
In your Flowchart, go to pASstime (2), at the intersection of blue, purple, and cyan.
When given the choice, select “Simon believed it was best to go with Jasmine”
After completing the pool, select “Simon believed the chair to be more relevant” and get your ending!

Ending R
In your Flowchart, go to invASive (3), the yellow icon before the one where we went through the yellow gate.
At your choice, select “Simon believed he should share the info with the others”
Fast forward to the next choice, and click “Simon believed he should confide in Jasmine”
And that’s all it takes to get the ending!

Ending S
I’m sure you know how to get this, but fine, go to mASsacre (1), right above the lime lock
Now, at the only choice in this run, select “Simon believed it best to try to unlock the door”

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