Hearts of Iron IV: Assuming Direct Control Achievement Guide

A guide going through step by step how to get ”Assuming Direct Control”



1. Start a new game in a 1936 scenario with iron man mode ON but Historical AI focus’s OFF and play as Austria.

2. You want to let time pass until march 15th (70 days).
Germany has a chance to go into civil war which is what we want, – if Germany does not enter civil war restart –

3. Save up political power (150 PP) until you can hire a fascist demagogue.

4. Save up more PP until you can take decision ‘open up political discourse’ (75 PP) and ‘demand referendum’ (100 PP)

5. Improve relations with the ‘German Reich’ ask to join faction in diplomacy menu.

6. Do NOT join the war with the German Reich!

7. Improve relations with the Junta and send an attache. (This step is not mandatory, it just speeds up the war)

8. Wait until German Reich capitulates and you’ll become faction leader!

9. You should get the achievement 🙂

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