Heaven Dust 2: Location for Weapon Parts

A simple guide to highlight the location for all different weapon parts for Shotgun and Meteorite-II Heavy Pistol.


Shotgun Parts

Shotgun Part A 
  • Pass through the hidden passage next to the Area Corridor to Old Building.
  • There is a chest here with Shotgun Part A.

TAKE NOTE: After you get the Folding Shovel, come back here for a patch here. It’s hiding the final small key to find another weapon part.

Shotgun Part B
  • It’s in the Shooting Range.
  • Get this part after successfully shot the 3rd target.
  • Refer picture for tips.

Meteorite-II Heavy Pistol Parts

Heavy Pistol Part A
  • It’s in a chest in the most inner room which has to unlock by small key.
  • Refer picture for actual location.
  • The small key to open the room is obtained from the patch at the hidden area (refer previous shotgun section).

Heavy Pistol Part B
  • It’s in a chest hidden under the fountain at Cemetery.
  • Solve the statue puzzle to reveal the chest for the part.
  • Refer picture for the solution of the puzzle.
  • The solution is at a small room between first and second set of saw trap in Undergraound Tomb.

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