Hegis’ Grasp Evil Resurrected: 100% Achievement Guide 2021

A detailed achievement guide and walkthrough to get you your 100% as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Step by step instructions.



Estimated difficulty: 1/10.

Estimated 100% time: 5-10 hours.

Offline/online achievements: 33 offline / 0 online.

Number of playthroughs: 1 minimum.

Glitched achievements: 2 possibly. Investigative Reporter (in our favor), and The Story Unfolds.

Missable Achievements: 4. Little Friend, Creepy Findings, The Story Unfolds, and Investigative Reporter.

Achievement Roadmap

Normally I would do a completely fleshed out guide, but this game has multiple achievements for doing the same thing so it seemed unnecessary. However, I will give a breakdown of how to go about things to get your 100% as fast as possible.

Step 1 – Farm Survival mode
Before even playing the story, go into survival mode and grind out the waves until you have ~12,000 Gold. Buy the infinite ammo machine gun from the shop woman.

Little Friend Unlock the mystic machine gun.

Step 2 – Farm 1,000 kills and 100,000 Zruk.
Now that we have the machine gun, staying alive and farming the endless waves will be a joke. Stay in survival until you’ve knocked out your kill and money achievements. During wolf rounds, I suggest staying inside the building so you have a nice train and don’t get swarmed. Also note that if you get the money achievements via Survival, you’ll need to go into the story and either spend money or find a money bag for the achievements to unlock.

ELITE KILLER VI Slaughter 1000 villagers.

ELITE RICH V Collect 100000 Zruk.

Step 3 – Story Mode
Play through the campaign following the section below to find all notes. Once you’ve escaped from the beach near the end of the game, you’ll get an auto-save on a wooden bridge over water. This auto save is the fastest area to farm your 300 deaths. Simply die off, reload the auto-save, repeat.

Sacrifice for Achievement Die 300 times.


Before getting into the notes I should mention that as far as I’m aware, all of Yort’s notes is not possible unless I’m missing something. Yort notes 11 and 12 are found down 2 separate paths that block each other out. I’m currently working to figure this out. Also, collecting all notes is bugged in our favor. I was missing the last 2 Yort notes, collected #11 then died. When I collected #11 again, the achievement unlocked.

Villager Note #1
After starting the game, you should spot an outhouse on your right. Continue down the road past this outhouse until you spot another one, then follow the trail past it to 2 houses. Go around the right side of the second house to find the note in the doorway. Don’t forget to grab the key inside the 2nd outhouse.

Yort’s Note #1
Head back to the main road and follow it all the way through to the end where it will split 3-ways. Take the middle path and check the left side of the train to find the note on it.

Villager Note #2
Turn around and you should spot a building lit up in the distance. Make your way there and enter through the right side. Go into the room at the very and grab the key inside. Exit and use the key to open the 2nd door on your right. The note is right in front of you.

Yort Note #2
Exit the building and head to the road between it and the train, then follow it all the way up. At the very end you’ll spot a tent. The note is inside it on the right.

Villager Note #3
From here continue up the path a short ways and you’ll spot a campfire on your right where the mysterious person came from. The note is on the left bench.

Villager Note #4
From here you should spot a sign with an arrow pointing right. Instead, go left like the rebel you are to a load zone. After loading, you’ll see a cabin ahead of you, follow the trail past it all the way through until you come upon a village. Go the the house at the top of the hill and kill the 2 villagers that ambush you. Once inside, exit out the back and you’ll find this note on the building immediately to your right.

Villager Note #5
Enter the giant windmill just up ahead and head up to the 3rd floor. The note will be on one of the wooden support beams. Don’t forget the key under the boxes on the 2nd floor!

Villager Note #6
Use this key to open the building where we got the 4th villager note. Inside is another key. Use this to navigate all the way back to where we first started the game. Once back, go through the now open gate to find yourself at a new village. Keep a note of the first building on your right. There’s a strong, unkillable monster in there so we’re going to avoid that. Instead, go to the cemetery just to the right of the buildings front door to find the note on a gravestone to the left.

Villager Note #7
Head across the road to the larger cemetery and you’ll spot an illuminated house not too far away. Just before that house is a gravestone with a ditch dug out. The note is in the ditch.

Yort Note #3
Now check the front of that house for this note. It’s on the right side.

Yort Note #4
Head around the left side of the house and you’ll spot the large tombstone of Sarah Moroski just a few feet away. The note is on the tombstone.

Yort Note #5
Go around the backside of the long building just ahead of the tombstone and kill the guy inside. The note is on the first stable to your left. Don’t forget the key on his table!

Villager Note #8
From here, follow the path to the right until it forks. Go right to find a church with a lot of enemies in front of it. The note is inside the church. Be quick here, because all of these enemies will turn into Growthers (the unkillable creatures) after you kill them.

Villager Note #9
Head back to the fork and take the opposite branch this time. The note will be on the destroyed building just in front of the outhouse.

Yort Note #6
Go all the way back to the stables and this time open the gate at the far end to proceed. This area is very confusing to explain, so bare with me. As soon as you load in, go left and you’ll see a structure made out of logs and rope. Standing in front of this structure, go immediately right to spot an archway. The note is on the right.

Yort Note #7
Pass through the archway and go left until you can’t anymore. Hugging this wall, follow it until the disembodied voice gets loud and you find a small cubby you can go into with a key. Exit the cubby and go straight until a large stone pillar can be seen through the mist. Go left to exit out, and loop around the wall back to that pillar. The note is on the side of it.

Villager Note #10
Continue to follow the trail through this area and you’ll spot a large house on a hill. Go inside and up to the 2nd floor to find the note at the top of the landing.

Villager Note #11
Unlock the door immediately to your left to find the note on the table just ahead of you. Don’t forget the key on the toy chest!

Yort Note #8
Exit the house and go right to unlock the gate and proceed. Follow the path straight until you see a wooden house ahead of you, then take the first trail on your right (before the house). At the end is a tent with the note on the center support.

Yort Note #9
Head back and cut across the road down another path that leads to some kind of stone worshipping area. On the center altar is a key to the wooden houses we were just at. Use it to let yourself in and meet a friendly NPC. Exit through the back and she’ll give us dynamite for the next section. The enemy who’s about to spawn can technically be killed, but it takes a LOT of ammo and isn’t worth it. Simply run back to the worship area and continue to follow the path behind it to a knocked over tree you can blow up to escape. Kill the boss ahead, then dynamite the gate at the far end to proceed. There’s nothing of importance here, so feel free to rush through to the next load zone. Enter the large village and go into the second door on your left. The note is behind a lone spider.

Villager Note #12
Head to the village square (be careful, every enemy you kill here will turn into a Growther) and head through the archway on the left. Follow the trail through to a church. The note is on the podium.

Yort Note #10
Head back the square and take the right path this time. As soon as you load in, you can find the note of the building next to you.

Villager Note #13
Head forward and kill the next boss, then enter the cave to get knocked out. The final villager note will be at your feet when you wake up.

Creepy Findings Find all villager notes.

Yort Note #11
After escaping your cell, grab your bag on the table and navigate through the level to the beach. Dynamite the wooden blockade, and take the path that leads to the bridge. The path on the hill leads to an infinite spawn death trap. After crossing the bridge, continue forward until you collapse and a cutscene plays. Afterwards, follow the path to the left until you hit a load zone. Once you load in, follow the path until you spot the lone cabin on your right. the note is on it.

Yort Note #12
At the fork that led to the previous note, go right instead. Once you load in, follow the path to a large wooden staircase. At the top is a house with the corpse of Yort inside. The final note is under him.

The Story Unfolds Find all of Yort’s notes.

Investigative Reporter Collect all notes.
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