HELLDIVERS 2: How to setup Elgato Streamdeck to Create Strategem Hot Keys

A complete guide to setup your Elgato Streamdeck to use to call in strategems.


Setup and requirements

1. Setup your Streamdeck software to start as Admin (may not be needed)
2. Latest Patch for Streamdeck
3. Currently tested and working with current patch of Helldivers (02/28/2024)

Creating a Button
1. Within Helldivers, change your keybindings to use the END key, and ARROW KEYS

2. Create a new Multi Action Button

3. Double Click on the button, then Use the Sytem > Hotkeys to create your strategem keystrokes. The example is based on the keybindings listed above.

4. Repeat for all the buttons you want to program, and find some icons.

Have fun!

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