Her New Memory: All Achievements Guide (Updated V1.0)

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in Her New Memory. this guide was updated for the latest version 1.0.


Achievements (1)

NOTE – Achievements save globally, so you can get the achievements that require you to mess up or make bad choices, then return to your save file.

First Time Meeting

Meet our mysterious heroine for the first time.

Thank you…

Compliment her once.
Chat > Give a compliment

Work again?

You get this on day 3, just head to work.

Finally Rest

Relax on the sofa.

Junior Manager

Reach career level 3. You’ll get this achievement working for the first time since you start off as a junior manager

Sounds Intriguing

When you perform cunnilingus on the heroine for the first time. The event on day 3 does not give this achievement.

What’s up?

On day 6, when you give our heroine her first cellphone, she’ll message you when you head to work and you get the achievement.

Nice Lips

Receive a blowjob from the heroine for the first time.

A Good Walk

Take your heroine out for a walk around the city. You’ll need to at least buy her sneakers for this.

Leg Day

Receive a footjob from our heroine. The event on day 3 does not give this achievement.

Aren’t you sweet

Fulfill her wish on the day she has one.


Reach career level 4. As long as you continue working, you’ll get there in no time.

First Time…

Engage in missionary sex after buying a bed for the first time.

Dream Crusher

Do not fulfill her wish on the day she has one.


Endure 14 days without buying the heroine anything.

One Month

Celebrate 30 days since you’ve begun your cohabitation life together.

Lady Luck is smiling upon me!

Win 50 or more Zodiacoins from the lottery, which you can access starting day 7.

Time Together

Take a day off from work, which you can do starting day 7.


Complete the event “Collaboration”

Regional Manager

Reach career level 5. Keep going!

Take a dip

Purchase swimwear for the first time. Can we take a moment to appreciate waifus in swimsuits?


Purchase office clothing for the first time. Can we take a moment to appreciate OL waifus as well?

It’s a Start

Purchase 3 of any home furniture items.

Long Week

Work extra hours for 5 days in a row.

She’s a Happy Girl

Get the heroine to 100 mood.

Fun in the Sun

Spend time at the beach for the first time.

It was a masterpiece!

Achieve the masterpiece movie result for the first time. You can reload a save file for this.

In The Dark

Watch a movie at the cinema for the first time.

Lucky Set

Win a card game for the first time. Blackjack is probably easier.

A True Gentlemen

Fulfill the heroine’s wishes 10 times.

I Love You

Complete the “A Walk in the Forest” event. And so, their new life together begins for real.

Soaking Wet Already

Visit the waterpark for the first time.

Welcome to The Jungle

Visit the zoo for the first time.

Hot and Heavy

Engage in 𝓗𝓮𝓷𝓽𝓲𝓶𝓮 for 25 times total in any position. Foreplay and services do not count.

Looking Luxurious

Buy 5 clothing items in total.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Take a walk in the woods for the first time. The “Kiss in the woods” event does not trigger this achievement so you will have to take a walk after again.

Are you Ready to Play?

Visit the arcade for the first time.

All Alone

Have her leave you. You can achieve this if you have <40 relationship by day 7.

Two Month Anniversary

Time flies and before you know it, you’ve spent 60 wonderful days with her.

Luxurious Dining

Visit the restaurant for the first time.

Senior Manager

Reach career level 6. Was tougher than last time right? Well, keep working at it.

Fast and Easy

Visit the fast food joint for the first time.


Compliment our heroine for 25 times in total. Loading a save does not count towards this.


Reach 100 energy for the first time.


Chat with our heroine for 25 times in total. Loading a save does not count towards this.

Sleeping Beauty

Witness the “Sleeping Beauty” event.

Feed the Body, Feed the Soul

Workout at the gym for the first time.

Three Month Anniversary

Its already been 90 days?

How Ungentlemanly

Finish sex as the only one to orgasm.

Vice President

Reach career level 7, you’re getting there.

Achievements (2)

Fancy Living

Buy at least 1 variation of every home item. Here is a list of furniture I had when I unlocked the achievement. Feel free to experiment.

  • Bed
  • Interior decorations
  • Coffee table
  • ZS5 console
  • Deck of Cards
  • Smart TV
  • Fashionable table
  • Fashionable sofa
  • Christmas decorations
  • Christmas tree
You’re Like a Dream

Fulfill the heroine’s wishes 30 times in total.

Bad Luck

Get 0 zodiacoins for 3 days in a row from the lottery.

Movie Adaptation

Complete the event “Movie Adaptation”


Reach career level 8. You’re almost there!


Do every position once.

  • Missionary Sex
  • Footjob
  • Titjob
  • Cunnilingus
  • Blowjob
  • Doggy Style Sex
  • Cowgirl Sex
  • Reverse Cowgirl Sex
  • Office Sex
  • Shower Sex
  • Beach Sex
  • Sex in the Woods
  • Gym Sex
  • Cinema Sex
  • Office Footjob
  • Car Sex

Reach career level 9. The summit is in sight.


Have 5000 Zodiacoins at once.

All Wet

Purchase 6 different swimsuits.

All the Colors of the Rainbow

Buy 7 different hair dyes. No, they don’t have to actually be the colors of a rainbow.

An Animal Checkup

Complete the event “An Animal Checkup”


Reach career level 10. At last, you stand at the peak of corporate hierarchy.

University Troubles

Complete the event “University Troubles”

Bad Day At Work

Complete the event “Bad Day At Work”

Pretty in Pink

Purchase all clothing items in game. As of v0.8.5, there are 77 of them.

New Chapter

Purchase the new house for 15k Zodiacoins.

Cooking Together

Cook together with our heroine for the first time in the new house.

Lucky Streak

Win blackjack 5 times in a row. You can reload your save in case you lose.

Workout Enthusiast

Heroine reaches fitness level 1. She looks bloody hot in abs.

Shaping Up

You reach fitness level 1.

A Natural

Do every position 5 times. See “Experienced” achievement for all positions.

Master of Denial

Finish sex as the only one to orgasm 10 times in total. As of v0.9.5, this achievement is no longer obtainable.


Relax at work for 5 days in a row.

God of Strength

You reach fitness level 2.

Goddess of Strength

Heroine reaches fitness level 2. She got even hotter.

You’re Fired

Take enough days off until they fire you from your job.

Novice Cooking

Complete level 1 of the cooking minigame.

Office Assistant

Get demoted to career level 2. Can’t get worse right?


Get demoted to career level 1. You can only go up from here! Unless you get fired of course.

Advanced Beginner Cooking

Complete level 2 of the cooking minigame.

Competent Cooking

Complete level 3 of the cooking minigame.

Proficient Cooking

Complete level 4 of the cooking minigame.

Expert Cooking

Complete level 5 of the cooking minigame.

Pimping My Ride

Buy any car for the first time.

Eating Like Royalty

Completed the event “Eating Like Royalty”

Picnic Time!

Completed the event “Picnic Time!”

Family Reunion

Completed the event “Sister’s Arrival 2”

So, you’re a gamer?

Completed the event “Sisters and the Arcade”

Well Deserved Break

Completed the event “Well Deserved Break”

Ume Blossoms

Completed sub event 1 of the event “Well Deserved Break”

Tasting New Cultures

Completed sub event 2 of the event “Well Deserved Break”

Count Your Blessings

Completed sub event 3 of the event “Well Deserved Break”

Bye, bye Lien! See you next Time!

Completed the event “Sister’s Arrival 3”

Family’s getting bigger!

Completed the event “Adopt a Dog”

Popping the Question

Completed the event “Proposal of Marriage”
And congrats on 365 days!


Completed the event “Forgiveness”

Purr-fect friend

Completed the event “Adopt a Cat”

Meeting the Father

Completed the event “Meeting the Father”

Mrs. Right

Completed the event “Wedding”
Once again, congrats!

The End

Complete the game
It’s truly, truly been… a very long roundabout path… Arigato, Gyro-
Sorry for this reference I will never do this again.

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