Hogwarts Legacy: Interactive Collectibles Map

Interactive maps for Hogwarts Legacy to help you get 100%!

Featuring locations for all Collection Items, Merlin Trials, Infamous Foes, Demiguise Statues, Legendary Chests, Dungeons & more!


Hogwarts Legacy Interactive Map

Hi all!

We’re busy working on some interactive maps for HL and thought I’d share some early versions in case they’re useful!

Hogwarts Legacy Interactive Map


It’s still early days – but here are the maps we have so far:

Some of the things you’ll find on the maps:

  • Locations – Fast Travel Locations, Dungeons, Merlin Trials & more
  • Collection Items – Field Guide Pages, Demiguise Statue, Traits, etc.
  • Creatures & Enemies – Infamous Foes, Beast Dens, Creature Lairs & Bandit Camps
  • Quests – Assignments, Side Quests, etc.
  • Legendary Chests, Eye Chests & Butterfly Chests
  • Battle Arenas, Vendors, NPC’s & more!

By Tspoon

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