HoleHouse: Codes, Tutorial, and All Scenes List

HoleHouse is a 2d adult game developed by DotArt on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android. here is the tutorial and all scenes for you.

New Version: 0.1.55


HoleHouse Codes

Go into your phone and then go to the Potions app on the second screen. There you can enter all the codes. Watch out each code can only be used once in a savegame unless you use my modded assembly!

  • fill me up daddy paw_beans uwu = 999999 Potions, Coins, Diamonds, Level, XP
  • fuzzy doubloons = 999999 Coins
  • shiny stones = 999999 Diamonds
  • level 1 crook = 999 Levels
  • i had sex yes = 999999 Experience (XP)
  • gotta buy milk = all characters pregnant


HoleHouse Tutorial for Beginners

Step 1. Open up the house by finding the Key and the Door Knob they should be lying around somewhere after you flip the sign

Step 2. On the desk there is a sheet of paper that will allow you to access the first four girls that are already there

Step 3. For one of those girls let the Cum Bar on the Left fill up (This can be sped up by switching between Anal and Vag every so often)

Step 4. You will now have received your phone. Each app has a different purpose. The main apps being the Quests (Bottom Right and will tell you how to unlock the other girls and Scenes) and the Locality/Call app (Right Middle, will allow you to call the girls you want and shows loyalty)

Step 4.1 THE QUEST TAB IS SCROLLABLE so there are more quests below the original 3, if you can’t access a scene it might be because you haven’t don’t one of the quests further down

Step 4.5. To fuck any girl you need to press the Loy button on the phone which is the middle right one and then you will have the option to call any of the girls you want

Step 5. When you want to fuck a girl on the Desk you will need to make it Day time as this is when Gloria goes home and the Reception is free (During the night you can fuck Gloria on the Desk)

Step 6. If you want to call gloria use the Bell On the Desk

Step 7. On the second page of your phone there is an app for Upgrading your office where you can drill a hole in it

Step 8. Upgrading your desk gives you access to the scenes folder and access girls while in a scene


HoleHouse All Scenes List

  • Velma Hole 1
  • Samus Hole 1
  • Marge Hole 1
  • Zelda Hole 1
  • Kim Possible Hole 1
  • Raven Hole 1
  • Samsung Sam Hole 1
  • Gwen Stacy Hole 1
  • Harley Quinn Hole 1
  • Peach Hole 1
  • Jinx Hole 1
  • Velma On Desk
  • Zelda On Desk
  • Samus On Desk
  • Samsung Sam On Desk
  • Raven On Desk
  • Receptionist On Desk
  • Marge On Desk
  • Gwen Stacy On Desk
  • Harley Quinn On Desk
  • Peach On Desk
  • Zelda Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Velma Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Marge Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Samsung Sam Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Kim Possible Doggy From Below (In Office)
  • Raven Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Gwen Stacy Reverse Cowgirl (Office)
  • Velma Anal Dildo Ride (Hole In Office)
  • Jinx Anal Dildo Ride (Hole In Office)
  • Zelda Anal Dildo Ride (Hole In Office)
  • Samus Anal Dildo Ride (Hole In Office)
  • Raven Anal Dildo Ride (Hole In Office)
  • Kim Possible Doggy (Office)
  • Gwen Stacy Doggy (Office)
  • Harley Quinn Doggy (Office)
  • Raven Doggy (Office)
  • Peach Doggy (Office)
  • Velma Doggy (Office)
  • Peach Reverse Cowgirl (Office)
  • Raven Hand Job (Office)

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