HoloParade: Late Game Coin Farming

Late game strategy for quickly getting coins



So far the fastest method I’ve found to farm coins using Red riding hood the third’s “Matching PR Policy” guide.

This is best done after clearing all main story stages and pulling at least 60 unique characters. At present with no regard to skills it clears the stage in around 40-45s with minimal babysitting.

Your PR should be fully upgraded to 6 slots.

First you’ll need to collect 60 trophies from scouting as we need the motivation speed boost and initial motivation.

You need stage 5-27 available. Enemy auras are red and blue. It may be doable before each squad member is Lv.30, but is highly consistent once they are.

4-16 is easier at lower level but until you can clear in 30s or less will not match 5-27 in coins per stage. Once you can however it will give you the same amount of coins per second and faster PR points but 30 less player XP. Auras are only red.

Your formation should be:
Subarud Duck

This has 7 of 8 symphony bonuses.

Unit skills don’t necessarily matter so much but can speed up the process. Your most important units are Watamate and Subarud Duck, and both benefit from movement speed. Duck benefits from attack power (stage aura or base). Watamate will be your first unit out and you want it to intercept enemy units as close to their wall as possible. Subarud will be your main attacker. Both of these units are fast and having Nousagi and Subarud will give you a high movement speed for reinforcement and flooding the enemy wall. At level 30, most of your units should survive without having to resummon.


During the stage immediately summon Watamate -> Nousagi -> Nekko -> Knight/Danin-san. As soon as you get motivation, summon Yukimin -> Duck -> Obake-chan -> Pioneer/Kaitakusha -> 2nd Watamate, then continue to summon Duck. You should get enough motivation just as the cooldown ends to just mash it out. If necessary, resummon one of each other fallen unit. If you have a motivation surplus due to enemy knockouts, summon another Pioneer/Kaitakusha as they are fairly fast and add a lot of damage.

After 5 clears check the PR and see if there’s a trend. If there is, enter the correct selections per the PR guide and set all 6 units to whichever the focus is. You’ll get over 2000 per stage clear and a large amount of coins for each trend, though the amount can vary. I usually assign all the members in PR to the focused contents. If the trend doesn’t appear replay the stage once and check again.

Your result for PR coins will vary based on how long it takes to find a trend (which can be many more than 5) and how much it pays out but its usually pretty good.

That’s it. You don’t really have to pay attention if you memorize the combination. Good luck.

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