HoloParade: PR Policy and Perfect Matches

Compiled the rules about pr policies and perfect matches


Basics of PR department

HoloParade PR Department is your biggest source of income, increasing in revenue respondent to the amount of followers, accumulated pr points (max. 5), rng and how good your pr policy matched with the trending posts.

PR Strategy & Focused Content
Matching PR strategy + focused content is necessary for getting the best results. If either of them matches with the trending post then Nodoka will say it matches with the trends, if both match then she’ll say it matches perfectly.

(Best Match)

Since there can be more then one trending post then both PR strategy + focused content can match to either trending post, usually this means more money as a result and the margin for error is larger.

(Mediocre Match)

More often then not when it says it didnt match the trending post then both PR strategy and focused content was wrong, its a trial and error on what works and until now a lot of the posts still delude me on what the solution is.

(Nothing Matches)

Focused Content

Focused content is affected by the staff used in the PR department, in the beginning only 2 can be used at a time but later on a fully upgraded PR department can hold 6 employees!

Their effectiveness can be boosted by lvling them up or by grading them up by getting another copy through the gacha, the best employee is a lvl 30 with a grade of 10.

(Best Quality)

Occasionally one employee will have a red/orange blaze on their tag, this means their productivity is boosted and will buff the outcome of your next SNS post. It is mostly rng except only employees on your line-up can have this effect, if they happen to get tired because you used them in your last mission then you wasted that blaze up effect since tired employees suffer from a debuff.

(Mediocre Quality)

It is graded separately from Nodoka on how good the content is, though ideally you want to excel both at getting a perfect match with the trending post & getting a good grade on your content.

(Bad Quality)

Trending Posts with Perfect Matches Screenshots

SNS Survey Matches

Note: i wouldnt say the results are guaranteed since there can be more then one trending post at a time, unless its triple checked i’d take these findings with a grain of salt.

Its been alphabetically ordered making it easier to find specific posts.

Trending Matches:

”Video Editing Pro!” Editorial
This month’s issue, we go deeply into the ”Holoparade” PVs!
Pop & Cute/Video (perfect), Polite & Accurate : Video (perfect)

”NoMusicNoLife” Editorial
This month’s issue explains the high-level performance of ”HoloParade”!
Polite & Accurate/Audio (perfect, triple checked)

”Smart Business” Editorial
Topic: ”HoloParade” controls marketing with unique ideas
Polite & Accurate/Planning (perfect, triple checked)

”Boys and girls Comics” Editorial
New book released! The world of fun Holoparade
Pop & Cute/Thumbnail (perfect, triple checked)

”Beautiful Skin Research” Editorial
This month’s issue features HoloParade talent-style makeup!
Pop & Cute/Video (perfect, triple checked)

”Living with Photography” Editorial
Latest issue! How to capture the best moments of ”HoloParade”
Polite & Accurate/Thumbnail (perfect, triple checked)

Parades growing popular in Tokyo! I fell in love with the cute dancing!
Pop & cute/Video (perfect, triple checked)

Kids News Ch
”Holotter” is hyping among elementary school students!
Simple & Catchy/Video (perfect, triple checked)

NEWS Saitama
Parades are popular in Saitama Prefecture! Their novel concept is a hot topic
Local Affairs/Planning (perfect, triple checked)

High Performance Robot
Are parades becoming popular? I need data to analyze this.
Polite & Accurate/Thumbnail (not perfect), Polite & Accuta/Audio (not perfect), Polite & Accurate/Planning (not perfect), Polite & Accurate/Video (not perfect)

Being a person with a musical background. I am very interested in the parades
Simple & Catchy/Audio (perfect, triple checked)

Partial Matches:

Want to Explode from Hugging
Autumn, the season of music! I want to go to more and more events like these!
Seasonal Affairs/Planning (not perfect)

How awesome is it to watch the cherry blossoms and HoloParade at the same time!
Seasonal Affairs/Video (not perfect), Seasonal Affairs/thumbnail (not perfect)

Elec-Man @ Out of Charge
Holoparade videos are so fun and there is so much variety!
Local Affairs/Planning (not perfect), Seasonal Affairs/Planning (not perfect), Polite & Accurate/Planning (not perfect)

I’m impressed by how strategically each video is planned.
Polite & Accurate/Planning (not perfect), Polite & Accurate/Video (wrong)

Bell-Riding Uncle
I love parades because the costumes are so cute.
Pop & Cute/Thumbnail (not perfect), Pop & Cute/Video (not perfect)

Ghost Busters
I’m interested in the brass band. I like the sound of the trumpet.
Simple & Catchy/Audio (100% didnt say perfect), Local Affair/Audio (not perfect), Pop & Cute/Audio (not perfect)

Fluffy Rice Cake
I’m happy to see parades more often in Tokyo.
Modern & Cool/Thumbnail (not perfect), Pop & Cute/Thumbnail (not perfect, Local Affairs/Video (wrong), Simple & Catchy/Planning (wrong), Pop & Cute/Audio (wrong)

Greedy Taro/Hustle Muscle
It was beautiful to go through the HoloParade through the autumn leaves.
Seasonal Affairs/Video (not perfect), Local Affairs/Video (not perfect)

Buried Bear
I wonder if there will be a HoloParade during end-of-year holidays! So exited!
Seasonal Affairs/Video (perfect), Seasonal Affairs/Planning (not perfect)

Hustle Muscle
Lately i’ve been into taking cool photos.
Simple & Catchy/Planning (not perfect), Modern & Cool/Thumbnail (wrong)

Looks like the HoloParade will be a blast at Christmas!
Seasonal Affairs/Planning (not perfect)

Looking forward to seeing HoloParade costumes this summer!
Seasonal Affairs/Video (not perfect)

Musical instruments are the best… Gets rid of my daily stress!
Pop & Cute/Video (not perfect), Simple & Catchy/Audio (wrong), Pop & Cute/Planning (wrong)

The time has come to think about what costume to wear.
Pop & Cute/Thumbnail (not perfect), Seasonal Affairs/Thumbnail (not perfect), Local Affairs/Thumbnail (not perfect), Simple & Catchy/Thumbnail (not perfect), Pop & Cute/Planning (wrong)

The parade costumes i saw at the Cosplay Event were so cute!
Pop & Cute/Thumbnail (not perfect), Simple & Catchy/Planning (wrong)

There was a parade on the way to school! The Drummer was so cute!
Pop & Cute/Video (not perfect)

There are computers in Shimane, but i rarely see parades. I need to go check them out.
Local Affairs/Planning (not perfect), Modern & Cool/Video (wrong)

No Matches:

Greedy Taro
Festivals bring energy to the city, but some find them to be noisy
Local Affairs/Video (wrong), Simple & Catchy/Audio (wrong), Pop & Cute/Planning (wrong)

Seafood Girl
Girls playing instruments are cute!
Pop & Cute/Video (wrong), Simple & Catchy/Audio (wrong)

Fluffy Rice Cake
HoloParade was fun! It was so cool and the performance was awesome!
Modern & Cool/Video (wrong), Pop & Cute/Video (wrong)

Ball-Riding Uncle
I’ll be participating in a brass band parade. I need to study the moves
Local Affairs/Audio (wrong)

Loves Shark Fin
I’m sleepy…
Simple & Catchy/Video (wrong)

Fluffy Rice Cake/Hustle Muscle
I think we’re entering a recession. I should try not to waste any money.
Local Affairs/Audio (wrong), Seasonal Affairs/Video (wrong)

I thought i’d never be able to see the HoloParade in Hokkaido!
Local Affairs/Thumbnail (wrong)

Weather Ch
It is expected to snow heavily for a while. Be careful when going out.
Local Affairs/Planning (wrong), Polite & Accurate/Video (wrong)

Gao @ 100-Day Challenge
I’ve grown to an age to enjoy more relaxed contents
Pop & Cute/Video (wrong)

Greedy Taro
My colleagues were all talking about the trending parades.
Pop & Cute/Video (wrong), Simple & Catchy/Planning (wrong)

The boys at school admire the parade
Simple & Catchy/Video (wrong)

Powerful Left Hook
The narrative of the parade i saw today was so innovative!!
Pop & Cute/Audio (wrong)

Ghost Busters
The parade i saw today was so cool
Modern & Cool/Video (wrong)

What Lies Beyond That Gaze
The world is in a time of great stress. I need to look at cute animals to heal myself.
Pop & Cute/Thumbnail (wrong), Simple & Catchy/Video (wrong)

Elec-Man @ Out of Charge
There’s parades even in Osaka these days!
Local Affairs/Video (wrong), Simple & Catchy/Planning (wrong)

What Lies Beyond That Gaze
You can’t resist clicking on interesting projects.
Modern & Cool/Planning (wrong)

Mochi-Skinned Imp
You can rest assured with events that have information clearly written.
Polite & Accurate/Planning (wrong)

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