Homefront: Saves for Online Achievements (EXPERT Series)

A short guide with saves for quick access to the achievements of the “EXPERT” series


Main Information

   Below are links as well as brief information on how to get achievements using savegames
The save is stored along the path:


Before installing the profile from the manual, disable steamcloud so as not to lose your old profile

Weapon Expert

Farming this achievement with a partner or just playing on the server is not difficult, but we will not simply waste time on nonsense. Below is a link to the profiles. After installing the profile in the folder we need, go to the server, select the FIRST weapon layout and make ONE kill with the M4 and voila, our achievement!

                         Google[drive.google.com] | Yandex[disk.yandex.ru]

Over the Hill

I know that this achievement is not from the “EXPERT” series, but I decided to make it possible to quickly obtain this achievement. After installing the save, you will have a choice of how to get it quickly.
Option One – You can create your own server:
“Game Type Territory Control”
“Map – Any”
“Round Time – 2”
“Score Limit – 100”
After the start, we capture one control point – we get an achievement
Option Two – We go to any server where there are people, make 1 kill, our achievement!

                         Google[drive.google.com] | Yandex[disk.yandex.ru]

Drone Expert

When installing this save, all you need to do is go to the server, select the FIRST weapon layout, then buy the “RQ-10 Parrot” drone for 350 BP (on button 5) and mark ONE enemy (You need to aim at the enemy and press the left mouse button)

                         Google[drive.google.com] | Yandex[disk.yandex.ru]

Vehicle Expert

With this achievement, it will be a little more difficult.
Firstly – transport is disabled on some servers, so you need to look for the server where it is enabled.
Secondly – the Transport that we need to quickly complete the achievement, namely the “Light Armored Vehicle” costs 1000 BP, do not spend points, but save up for this car, you need to make 4 kills, after which we buy this car when respawning and make ONE kill
If you have a partner, it will be very easy to get this achievement

                         Google[drive.google.com] | Yandex[disk.yandex.ru]

Expert Of War

The most difficult and time consuming achievement in the game, but the easiest one for you! Having installed this profile, select the first weapon layout and complete ONE kill with the ACR rifle, our achievement!

                         Google[drive.google.com] | Yandex[disk.yandex.ru]

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