Horizon Zero Dawn: Infinite Experience

you can do this as soon as Aloy becomes a Seeker


Heap Of Trouble

helps if you finished In Her Mother’s Footsteps quest 1st and you can melee one hit every human enemy at spawn
first we need to find Free Heap on the map, this can be done very early in the game
Next we want to find Petra and build her weapon
once she finishes building it bandits will attack. you can pick the weapon and fight off the first few waves. when she mentions to take out the bridge, put the weapon down immediately. go greet them with that Aloy charm.
The enemy will endlessly spawn behind the bridge.
if you can kill most of them at once, they will all spawn at the same time and be killed by one light melee swing
this is where they spawn into the world from
just keep melee spamming all day

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