Hounds of the Meteor: Uncensor and Cheats Guide

Hounds of the Meteor is a female protagonist adult game developed by DogFactory. here is a guide on how to unlock uncensored content and cheat in the game.


Uncensor and Cheats Guide

Note: This cheats credit to noxtek, it works in the latest version V20220829.

Unzip Assembly-CSharp.zip in “HotM64\Hounds of the Meteor_Data\Managed”

F1 to get full hp (if full make you die)
F2 get more estrus
F3 get less estrus
F4 to cycle the suit damage status
F5 to get some money
F6 to get some exp

Changed “ESC” to “CTRL-Q” to exit the game

Warning: Make sure both the game and the cheat are for the same version.


Hounds of the Meteor Update Log August 2022

This time is a continuation of the last time.
Implemented enemies in the back of the stage.
There are only two erotic motions:
The post-defeat scene has not yet been implemented.

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