How to Transfer Your Game from to Steam

The game service will close on May 11. If you used to buy the publisher’s games on this service, you still have a few days to migrate all your content to Steam! We’ll explain how.
If the vast majority of Bethesda games were already available on Steam since their release, the publisher also had its own client. However, as of May 11, it will close its doors for good, and you will no longer be able to access your games through this service. Don’t worry if you used to use it, everything you had on can be easily transferred to Steam from now on.


THE GREAT JOURNEY has already started to close its doors since April 11th. Indeed, since this date, no more games can be launched on the platform, and the transfer of them to Steam started to be available. But it is from May 11 that the client will be definitively closed, and therefore you will not be able to access anything you had on it. Fortunately, you still have enough time to transfer your games, DLC, saves and even the money you have left on your virtual wallet to Steam. To do so, you can go through a link directly available on the official publisher’s website, and follow the instructions that will be displayed.

If most of your saves will be transferred automatically, some games will require a manual transfer. Again, all the information is available on the site. Also, be aware that Wolfenstein: Youngblood saves cannot be transferred to Steam at this time, and DOOM Eternal saves require a few more steps.

You should also know that games that were previously unavailable on Steam are now available. If you had some of them on your account, you can now transfer them to Steam with no worries.



If you had Bethesda games on consoles, don’t worry, this information doesn’t concern you at all, nothing will change for you. On the other hand, if you used to play on PC, and you would have liked to transfer your games from to your console instead of Steam, the publisher has made it clear that this is absolutely impossible.

If you have any questions about transferring your games to Steam, you should know that a detailed FAQ is available on their official website, no doubt your question will be answered there.

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