How to Transfer Your PS4 Data to PS5?

If you’ve just bought a PlayStation 5 or you’re getting ready to buy one in the next few days, you might be asking yourself the legitimate question of how to transfer your PlayStation 4 data: indeed, Sony’s new machine is 99% backwards compatible with PS4 games. Today we’re going to take a closer look at the process of transferring data (games and game saves) from your PS4 to the PS5.

Sony has recently made available a complete video, also published on the PlayStation Europe channel, summarizing very well the process of transferring PS4 data to a PS5. As this video is in English, we offer you a short summary below.

With backward compatibility in mind, it’s only natural to try and transfer your PS4 data to a PS5, especially if you’re only going to use the latter to play your PS4 games! There are three methods available to you:

  • connect your two consoles to each other (either wired or on the same wifi network)
  • use an external USB device
  • simply use the download from the cloud (if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber) and from your game library (for applications)

Comment transférer vos données PS4 sur PS5 ? Le guide completComment transférer vos données PS4 sur PS5 ? Le guide completComment transférer vos données PS4 sur PS5 ? Le guide complet

In concrete terms, the methods of transferring data via USB media or download are quite simple and already known, working in the same way as when you transfer your data from one PS4 to another. The technique of transferring data by connecting the two consoles, which also worked on PS4, has a very specific and practical feature: it is possible to transfer your PS4 data to PS5 in the background, while playing a PS5 game for example! Definitely the best of the three transfer methods…
If you’d like to learn more and get more help, please visit the PlayStation 5 forum at to talk to other PS5 users!

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