HuniePop 2 Double Date: Alpha Dates and Smooth Move Achievement Guide

How to get both Alpha Mode achievements, as well as Smooth Move (5k from one match)


Girls & Build

Abia and Lillian

Abia is the best girl to use because of her Sex Addict baggage. Her Self-Effacing and One Pump Chump do not affect this build.

The second girl is really just a sentiment farm, Abia’s wingman. I think Lillian is the best choice, because she is neutral to talent (Abia’s least favorite type, whereas Jessie also dislikes Talent) and because you can use her to clean up broken heart tokens. Cadence is a terrible wingman because her Forgetful baggage can ruin the build. Jessie could potentially work, as her Depression and Busted baggage do not negatively effect the build, but I find Lillian to be the most useful.

The Gifts


  • Turquoise Tulip
  • Diamond Tiara
  • Glass Dolphin
  • Blow Dryer


  • Magic Wand
  • Cinnamon Cider
  • Spinel Necklace
  • Hairbrush

Before the Date

Before the date I give Lillian two sentiment foods, ideally you should be able to start the date with at least 4-9 Sentiment. Then I talk with her until she is out of stamina. You can chat up Abia too for even more moves, but I personally don’t like to start the date with both girls having low stamina.

The Date

I start on Lillian and give her all gifts in their exact order before even making my first move. (Tulip, Tiara, Dolphin, Dryer.) Typically this gives Abia about 18-24 sentiment right off the bat unless you had a very unlucky starting board.

I then give Abia all the gifts in order, and then work on maxing out her passion. From there, I just focus on joy matches, good affection matches, etc with her. Whenever her stamina gets low, I switch to Lillian to make broken heart matches or Talent matches (just to clean up the board for Abia) and Sexuality matches (it doesn’t matter how low Lillian’s passion is for these, since Abia will absorb them.)

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