Hyperblade: Basic Controls Guide

This guide explains the controls and basic game modes of Hyperblade


Keyboard + Mouse Controls
W – Move forward in the direction you’re facing
A, D – Strafe left and right
S – Move backwards opposite the direction you’re facing
Q, E – Move the drone up and down
Shift – Increase Max overall speed
Ctrl – Decrease max overall speed, these throttle controls are made to compensate for lack of analog controls on a keyboard
Esc – In game options
1, 2, 3 – Select active weapon, Main weapon, EMP, Missile
V – Press to talk voice chat
Tab – Returns you to the track if you somehow get lost
P – Toggles first person Camera

Gamepad and VR Controls
Gamepad and VR controls are mostly the same.
We do not recommend using the htc vive wands for VR controls. Oculus touch, Valve Index, or Windows Mixed Reality, anything with a thumbstick is highly recommended. If you have Vive wands you can attach a gamepad and start the game in VR with gamepad support.

Left Thumbstick X-Axis – Straft Left and Right
Left Thumbstick Y-Axis – Forward and Back
Right Thumbstick X-Axis – Turn Right and Left
Right Thumbstick Y-Axis – Up and down
Left and Right Shoulder – Tilt Camera up and down
Right Trigger – Fire active weapon
Left Trigger – Cycle active weapon
Gamepad – Facebutton Left (X on an Xbox controller) – Press to voice chat
VR – Left controller Button 2 – Press to voice chat
Gamepad – Facebutton Top (Y on an xbox controler) – In game menu
VR – Right Controller Button 2 – In game menu
Gamepad – Facebutton Bottom (A on an Xbox Controller) – Return to track
VR – Right Controller Button 1 – Return to Track


This is a standard race. First one to the finish wins. Available: Singleplayer against the AI, Splitscreen local multiplayer, online multiplayer

Combat Racing

Like a standard race, but includes weapons and combat pickups, available in Local multiplayer and Online Multiplayer

Deathmatch but with drones, available in local multiplayer or Online multiplayer, this mode allows you to play in a smaller map and the most kills wins.

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