Idle Wasteland Walkthrough with All Achievements

Here is a full walkthrough with 100 achievements for Idle Wasteland.


Best Topping
Go to the last menu section, click on Support button and type the “179317930” code. You’ll receive some loots. Go to your backpack, find the Pristine Pineapple Pizza and use it.

Best Topping
Use A Pineapple Pizza
You get experience for Strenght by killing monsters. After obtaining a certain amount of experience, you get a new level, which will provide some bonuses. After reaching the specific level, you can prestige the skill in the Stats menu, but that means losing all of the experience you’ve got as well as some other benefits. On the other hand you will receive +2 to Maximum damage and +5% Currency income.

Prestige Strength Once
First Of Many
Challenges are hard objectives you have to complete to get unique rewards. When you reach the 21st wave, the first challenge will unlock and can be accessed clicking on Challenges in the last menu section. You will need to defeat 250 enemies in the Swamp area to be rewarded with x2 Armor Penetration from Steam Boost.

First Of Many
Beat Challenge 01
This is the Way
At strength prestige 10, you unlock the Bounty menu. The first bounty cost 10m currency. You’ll have to kill a specific enemy several times, located at a range of wave, to collect the quantity required of essences dropped randomly by the bounties.

This is the Way
Start Your First Bounty
New Zone When?
The 5th and last zone is called Plant. To unlock, reach the 501th wave and have your Strength prestige to 9. The effects for this area are: -1 Enemy per wave, +25% Creature spawn rate, +100% Currency income, -30% Enemy Armor, +10% Swarm chance, +10% Mutation chance, +100% Enemy Health, -30 Resistance and No scrap piles.

New Zone When?
Enter Zone 5
Misery Loves Company
Extreme Challenges are unlocked by completing all the ten normal challenges.

Misery Loves Company
Start The First Extreme Challenge
Absolute madlad
In the Stats section, you can see how your completion progress is going. Right click on it to more informations. There will be a check list of the tasks that includes:

  • 40 Main Crafting Upgrades
  • 45 One-Time Crafting Upgrades
  • 10 Suits Upgrades
  • 25 Super Strength Upgrades
  • 33 Nuclear Material Unlocks
  • 50 Regular Skill Tree
  • 50 Super Skill Tree
  • 48 Prestige Levels
  • 70 Achievements Unlocked
  • 10 Task Rewards Complete
  • 15 Bounty Rewards Complete
  • 10 Mission Rewards Complete
  • 25 Steam Point Rewards
  • 20 Challenges Complete
  • 6 Utility Spells Unlocked
  • 20 Item Prestige Levels
  • 8 Pets Maxed
  • 4 Relics Owned

Absolute madlad
Achieve 100% Completion

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