I’m on Observation Duty 3: 100% Guide

Here is a full guide to get you get 100% completion in I’m on Observation Duty 3.


Easy/Self Explanatory Achievements


As it says, just die to get this achievement. You can die by having 4 anomalies active or by intruders.


When you open up the game, you have 3 map options: “The Country House With No Past”, “The Headquarters” and the tutorial. Open up the tutorial. You do not have to complete it, just open it up.

The Witching Hour

The witching hour is from 3 AM to 4 AM. Survive until 4 AM on either level to unlock this achievement.

The House That Isn’t/The HQ

You simply have to beat the game on each level to get these achievements. I say simply, however I personally find this game harder than the rest of the series. It’s not the most difficult thing in the world, though. You just have to get used to the new style and become familiar with the anomalies.

The game (like the rest of series) can be intimidating and difficult to understand what you have to do at first especially due to it’s difference in style compared to the rest. So, I’ll briefly explain how the game works:

  • You are spawned into either the house or the headquarters. Right click to bring up a phone with it’s camera option open. Right click again to put it away – however this is pointless as you will die without it – and left click to take a picture.
  • For a short period of time, the area will stay the same. This is thought to be until around 0:15 AM or possibly 0:30 AM. This time is meant to be used to familiarise yourself with where objects are, what objects are there, what paintings look like, etc.
  • After this period of time ends (there is nothing to indicate when this is), objects will move and disappear/appear, paintings’ images will change slightly or completely, ghosts and intruders will appear, and overall strange happenings will occur. These can happen in front of your eyes or whilst they’re out of sight.
  • You can press E or F to open or close doors, toilets and cabinets, and for one special aspect of the game which is to pick up items. There are a lot of cabinets. Anomalies can happen inside of them, but near almost all of them don’t. This can be intimidating. Do not worry the most about them but still pay a bit of attention to them.
  • Use your phone to take pictures of anomalies. All anomalies big or small. If you see something that you think is an anomaly and you took the picture at a weird angle, take it again and resubmit it. Some anomalies will only appear through your phone meaning that you have to look for anomalies both through your phone screen and your characters perspective.
  • Getting too close to intruders or letting them get too close to you can kill you. Majority if not all of intruders have an audio cue. Even the ones that you can only see through the phone.
  • You have to survive until 6 AM. Once you have 3 anomalies active at once, you will receive a phone call explaining that there are too many active. Failing to find any of the 3 anomalies before a 4th one spawns will turn your perspective red and end the game.

The first person perspective definitely makes it a little harder and spookier, although subjective, but after trying a few times and becoming familiar with anomalies and understanding what to expect the game will feel more like a breeze. This game relies quite a lot on audio and visual cues. There are guides that show you what anomalies are in each map if you want to look beforehand or get stuck. There is no shame in using guides. Besides, you’re already using one. Keep trying and you will get it. Good luck! If I explained anything in a way you don’t understand in those points, feel free to comment and I will reword it!

Look At This Photograph/Swimming

These two achievements are related to the secret ending you can activate in “The Headquarters”. It is fairly simple and will end your game once it’s complete.

There are 3 photos around the building you have to pick up using the E key. This will trigger a telephone in the building to ring which you have to answer as well as the “Look At This Photograph”. That’s it. I literally downloaded this game and did it in 30 seconds purely to take the screenshots for this guide.

One of the photographs is in the waiting area as soon as you walk into the building. Nearby to the peacock painting, there is a white chair separated from the row of blue and white alternating chairs. Between this chair and a trolley of booklets, the picture is laying on the wooden frame separating the wall from the floor. Here, I have pointed to it:

The next one is in Dr. Alexander Lömsk’s office. This is the room next to the bathroom, there is a name tag besides the door. In the office is a medical bed with two cabinets built into the bottom. The photo is in the left cabinet. Here, I have pointed to it:

The final one is in the security/surveillance type room. This is the room in the same hallway as Dr. Alexander Lömsk’s office but on the opposite side. It has a bunch of tv’s in it. Once you walk into the room: turn around, shut the door again and it will be on the floor behind the door in the corner. Here, I have pointed to it:

Once you have collected all 3 pictures you must go to the reception desk. This can either be done in the waiting room or in the hallway leading to the kitchen. There are two black telephones on the reception desk and the one closest to the kitchen will ring and light up red. Here, I have pointed to it from the waiting room:

Answer the phone and you have completed the secret ending and the achievement is yours. Well done. 🙂

The Floating Man

The floating man is an intruder in “The Country House With No Past”. He has a very distinct musical audio cue and will spawn at the end of the main hallway. He will chase you, be it slowly, throughout the house. Here is a picture of him:

Successfully report him and you will get this achievement.

The Wandering Man

The wandering man is an intruder in “The Headquarters”. He walks from the kitchen dining table to Timothy’s room repeatedly. He has a strange groaning(?)-like audio cue. Here I have pictures of him:

Successfully report him in order to get the achievement.

What Remains Of Timothy

Timothy’s dead body is an anomaly in “The Headquarters”. It is found in Timothy’s office (the room on the opposite end of the corridor from the bathroom) on the chair at the desk. He has an audio cue of consistent whispering. He can only be seen through your phone. Here, I have a picture of him and have pointed to him:

Successfully report him to get this achievement.

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