I’m on Observation Duty: Anomolies I’ve Noticed for the Old House

As I find and notice new Anomolies to be reported in the Old House level in game, I’ll put them in here. It’s mostly for my own reference to figure out what to look for to better spot the more hidden ones. It’s organised by room.

Note: This list is not complete. we will update later.



  • The Painting of the surprised girl will become darker – Painting Anomaly
  • A long shadow will appear spread across the floor – Shadow Anomaly
  • Five of the pills on the desk will go missing – Object Disappearance
  • The backboard of the bed will be up against the right wall, instead of the far wall – Object Movement
  • A continuously growing square shadow will appear on the right wall – Abyss Presence


  • The shaving cream on the sink will disappear – Object Disappearance
  • The med-kit on the left wall will disappear – Object Disappearance
  • The toilet will move away from the sink to be closer to the far wall (Near Medkit) – Object Movement
  • The towel rack will move from left of the door, to the right side of the door – Object Movement
  • The fire extinguisher will be floating – Object Movement
  • A mannequin head will appear in the sink – Extra Object
  • A see-through orb will appear to the left of the painting – Extra Object
  • A stout human-like shadow will appear on the rug – Shadow Anomaly
  • An alien-like creature will be standing with it’s back facing the camera (NOTICE: When you see this, go to the next camera immediately. If it’s head turns around to look at you, you lose.) – Intruder
  • Writing will appear on the door – Other


  • The plant on the table will glitch – Object Movement
  • One of the dining chairs will be push away from the table (Can happen to a few) – Object Movement
  • A mug will be pushed from the left of the table to the right, so there are 3 on the right – Object Movement
  • The cabinets on the left wall will be open – Door Opening
  • A naked man will be standing in the far right corner – Intruder
  • A man will be waving at you from the laptop screen – Other

Living Room

  • One of the chairs will be facing a different direction compared to just having their backs to the table – Object Movement
  • The headphones on the table will move closer to the plant – Object Movement
  • The right-most painting will have moved more to the right – Object Movement/Painting Anomaly
  • The left-most painting will change to a sad-clown painting – Painting Anomaly
  • An orb will appear on the dining chair behind the sofa – Extra Object
  • A light will be shining down on the table – Light Anomaly
  • A man in a suit will be sitting on the sofa (If you look at him too long, he’ll jump scare you, but you won’t lose) – Intruder
  • A little man will be looking at you from outside, this counts as Outside/Balconey but is only visible from the living room – Intruder


  • The cigar in the ash tray will move to sit on the ledge – Object Movement/Object Disappearance
  • The bigger of the two boxes will twitch – Object Movement
  • A mannequin will appear next to the furniture behind the tree – Extra Object
  • A shadow of a box will appear in the center of the deck – Shadow Anomaly
  • A light will flash in the middle of the furniture behind the tree – Light Anomaly
  • A pale figure will wave at you from the right of the furniture behind the tree – Ghost

By ShemmyC

8 thoughts on “I’m on Observation Duty: Anomolies I’ve Noticed for the Old House”

  1. There is a box in the living room near the far right painting that can disappear. And the painting in the kitchen can change slightly

  2. Im Schlafzimmer kann sich das andere Gemälde auch verändern, die Gitarre kann sich nach rechts bewegen, es kann einen Eindringling geben, von dem nur ein Arm angedeutet hinter dem Türrahmen zu erkennen ist, die linke Tür kann sich öffnen – zählt auch im Wohnzimmer.

    Im Wohnzimmer kann auch eine Abyss-Präsenz links neben dem Tisch am Boden entstehen.

    In der Küche kann auch ein Eindringling neben dem Toaster hinten sitzen.

    Auf der Toilette kann sich auch das Gemälde ändern.

    Am Balkon kann ein zusätzliches Objekt, ein Auge oder eine Murmel oder so ähnlich, unter dem Tisch direkt neben dem Lampenschirm auftauchen.

  3. There is a little alien guy that sits on the kitchen counter (Intruder)
    And a man that will walk right up to the balcony (Intruder)
    All of the paintings will change at different times
    Guitar in Bedroom moves (Object movement)
    Cup on the chest in the Kitchen disappears
    A room will not be visible on camera (Camera Anomaly)

  4. An intruder can appear in the door closer to the bed in the bedroom. Another, a child one, can appear in the living room window, but it counts as outside. There can be two painting anomalies in the bedroom at once


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