Introvert A Teenager Simulator Guide (Contols, Characters, Test Answers and Fedora Locations)

In this detailed and easy-to-follow guide, I will teach you everything you need to know to fully enjoy Introvert: A Teenage Simulator! Spoiler Alert!!!



Introvert: A Teenager Simulator is a story of a high school student named Mute, which takes place in an isolated town named Happy vill. Developed and published by the Euphoric Brothers in early 2021. Mute’s guardian has committed suicide, his principal is a cocaine addict, another student threatened to shoot up the school, and on top of all of that, Mute has to worry about himself. In this detailed and easy-to-follow guide, I will teach you everything you need to know to fully enjoy Introvert: A Teenage Simulator!


The controls in Introvert: A Teenager Simulator are quite simple, you don’t even need a mouse to play. Once you are in the menu, use the Up and Down Arrow keys to navigate the menu, and ENTER to proceed.
Movement: To move your character (Mute) around, press the A and D buttons on your keyboard, or the Left and Right Arrow Keys. Repeatedly pressing any of these buttons will make your character start running. However when you are outside you can hold shift to skate, which is faster than running.
Items: Standing at certain objects like your desk or a door, you can press E to interact with them. Later in the game if you find certain secrets you will be able to press G to shoot your pistol, and O to switch between Alternate Mute and Mute.
Config: If your computer isn’t very powerful, or you just want to see more clearly, you can press P during the game to enable slow device mode; This will remove some of the grain effects.
Other: This game contains some sensitive content, so if you see anything disturbing or gross, you can easily press Q to close your character’s eyes.


Mute is the character you play as. His guardian committed suicide, and he lives on his own now. He is one of the two new kids at school, and is not able to speak. He lives in the blue house on the left of town.
Chris is Mute’s best friend. He mentioned he moves a lot, but we never see his parents. On the first day of school Chris threatens shooting up the school if he is not able to make a new friend in 5 days, setting up the story of the game. He lives in the green house on the right side of town.
Ben is the school bully. He likes picking on new kids, but not much else is known about him.
Emma is Mute’s friend/romantic interest. She is rumored to be a werwolf of some sort, and asks Mute to walk with her into class every day. She lives in the small pink house on the right side of town.
Denzel is Mute’s study partner. He appears to be a timid character, although being part of Ben’s group of bullies. His house has an ominous elevator leading to 2 different strange floors. He lives in the yellow house on the right side of town.
Teacher is the teacher of happy vill’s high school. Nothing is really known about this cyan colored man, but the inside of his house is very puzzling. He lives in the big black house on the left side of town.

Test Answers

As the teacher says, he has a surprise for you if you can get all of his test questions correct throughout the game. if you’d like to unlock his wacky house, the answers for all the questions are as following:
Day 1: 4
Day 2: 0.12
Day 3: Oxygen
Day 4: Both
Once you get all of these correct, he will stop you on day 4 after class and tell you to check out his house. The door will be unlocked and you can go inside.

Fedora Locations

Throughout Introvert: A Teenager Simulator there are hidden blue fedoras. If you find all of them you will be rewarded with an alternate skin for your character.
Fedora 1 (Available anytime): On the left side of town go to the Z Motel, inside you will find a crying stick figure. chase him through the hotel and enter the same doors he enters, after a while you will be sent to a room with the first fedora. (Press E to collect).
Fedora 2 (Available anytime): On the left side of town go to the long building labeled Milepebbles. Once inside, enter the woman’s restroom. Walk to the right and you should find your second fedora.
Fedora 3 (Available anytime): Again in Milepebbles, the third fedora in the far left area of the main room of the restaurant.
Fedora 4 (Day 3): During day 3 after class, go to Chris’s house to help Ben with his plan. Once Ben and his friends beat up Chris, go to the left and collect your 4th fedora.
Fedora 5 (Day 4) During day 4 after class, go to Denzel’s house. Once he leaves you with Chris, head to his elevator and go up to his 2nd floor. Ignoring the strange monster, walk to the left and you will find the final fedora.
When you have all of the fedoras, you will be told to go to pizza man. Head to Pizza Butt on the right side of town, and enter the door on the left. you will be teleported to the school, with the newfound ability to change colors by pressing O.
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