Ion Fury: Combat Tips 2021

General combat tips to help you shred enemies.



I’ve beaten the game multiple times on Ultra Viscera difficulty. These are just observations from my playthroughs.


Ion Fury has strafe running. Pressing strafe (A or D) + forward or back (W or S) will make you move faster. This gives you a big advantage in combat, but be sure to adjust your aim accordingly.

You can jump and crouch in mid air to reach ledges that seem slightly too high.


Weapons 1-3 are backup weapons, NOT your main weapons

Baton – should not be used unless you have no ammo at all. It’s too weak and will get you killed. It can 1-shot the spider enemies, but it isn’t worth the time or effort.

Pistol – Not as useful as it may seem. The alt fire is fun, but it slows your movement and will get you killed. You’ll need to use it in Zone 1, but can be ignored afterwards.

Shotgun (not including alt fire) – Decently strong weapon, but its tight spread and slow fire rate make it inefficient. You’ll need to use this in Zone 1, and mostly as a backup later on.

Weapons 4-9 are your main arsenal. The ammo for these weapons is somewhat limited, but you can counter that by rotating through them often. Some work better against certain enemies, but it’s pretty forgiving. Secrets can also stock you up if you’re willing to look.

Uzis – shreds the lower tier enemies very quickly. Spiders, humanoid, and flying enemies stand no chance against these. Primary fire is more ammo efficient, but I’m not certain it’s worth it as it kills slower. Dual wielding also looks awesome.

Chaingun – shreds everything quickly. Good for the stronger enemies, but don’t save your ammo for them. Use it when you feel like it.

Bowling bombs – good against ground enemies. Can gib enemies and give you armor. Flying enemies can get caught in the explosion if there’s a ground enemy nearby.

Grenade launcher – same as bowling bombs, but fires faster. Can also hit flying enemies a bit easier.

Ion Bow – one of the best weapons in the game. Primary fire 1-shots/stuns lower tier enemies, alt fire 1-shots medium enemies. Alt-alt fire (hold alt fire longer) cleans rooms. As of the 2.0 update, it doesn’t wreck bosses as easily.

Clusterpuck – alt-fire turns it into a cluster bomb and cleans rooms. Can gib enemies and give you armor. Can be stuck to walls as a proximity mine, but haven’t found a real use for that.

Difficult sections of the game

Zone 1 map 3 Fan Service – you drop down an air shaft into liquid. The first room will swarm you with enemies, so get out of there ASAP. If you stand around trying to kill everything you’ll die. Get to a better spot and deal with them.

Zone 1 map 5 Reformation Plaza – this is a horde map, so get circle strafing. There’s a bowling bomb power up in the trash bin that helps a ton (tap E to open).

Zone 2 map 4 D.C Meltdown – The area outside the shopping mall is filled with flying enemies. Circle strafe and use the Ion Bow to take them out.

Zone 2 map 5 Nukage Nightmare – This is a boss map. Circle strafe to avoid the machine gun and grenades. Ion bow super charge doesn’t work as well after 2.0 update, but still good. Use bowling bombs to help. Near the beginning of the level, there are 2 health packs hidden in a vent behind some garbage bags.

Zone 3 Map 4 Executive Disorder – Collect the chaingun ammo from the infinite spawn point, but don’t hang around it. Stay with the boss and go back when you need ammo. Your goal is to kill the boss before he spawns too many enemies.

Zone 4 The Six underground Maps 3-5. Ammo is generally tight here. Use your shotgun and pistol if you have to.

Zone 4 map 5 Twist of Freight – Boss map against 2 tanks. Ion bow doesn’t work as well after 2.0 update. Weave between them constantly and use bowling bombs. Ammo and health spawn as the fight goes on, so don’t loose hope.

Zone 5 and 6. The game is throwing everything at you here, but you have lots of ammo. Use your big guns and strafe run to gain the advantage.

Zone 7 Map 1 Destructive Desires – a bridge explodes and drops you into a room with tanks and warmechs. There is a damage power up in one of the lockers that helps a ton. Chaingun your way to victory.

Zone 7 Map 2 Epicenter – final boss. This seems impossible, but it’s actually easy. There’s an infinite bowling bomb spawn point in the outer rim. Run around the outer rim and toss bowling bombs into the pit until everything is dead. Collect a damage power up and then pump the grenade launcher into the top of the dome. Repeat until cut scene. Enjoy your beer.

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