Iratus Lord of the Dead: Tier Ranking of Minions 2021

S Tier

1. Mummy- “The God Pharaoh” The best minion hands down.
The mummy boasts the highest vigor replenishment in the game. I was averaging 50 vigor restored every turn with its minion item “Cursed Bandages”. But has the potential to go much higher if you really prioritize a curse team and extend curses on bosses. If that wasn’t enough, the mummy’s passive reduces enemy luck when they hit him and the mummy has a high HP pool to begin with. The Mummy can displace enemies by yanking or shoving them and can debuff allies and is rewarded with a big heal for doing so. He has hybrid damage for every encounter and his ult hits like a truck and extends debuffs against enemies.

2. Shade- “Utility Assassin” has a really nice kit. ult does % dmg, passive counterattacks. Its minion item is insanely overpowered and restores 25% hp, mana and wrath from damage it deals. It can swap around allies, make you minions dodge attacks and strip enemy wards. It has hybrid damage. Its only weakness is low vigor and armor makes it susceptible to being bursted down.

3. Bone Golem- “The Support Tank”. He really gets stronger at higher difficulties due to his ability to block and ward his team. Way better at keeping himself and his team alive than Black Widow.

4. Black Widow- “Aggressive Tank” Her strength comes from stripping wards and block and apply debuffs and poison. She has displacement. At lower difficulties she is going to be more useful than Bone Golem.

5. Headhunter- “The Farmer” his main strength is farming 1 part for every enemy killed at minion level 15+ and that’s when I start using him. his kit is pretty decent, hook stun is his strongest ability, he can hook and ult thru block. His armor is high, making him harder to kill. he really needs the right items though, Mechanical Eye (attacks never miss and no need to invest in accuracy) and Vampire Fang (15% lifesteal) really solve his weakness.

A Tier

1. Banshee- “Reliable Crowd Control”, her AOE that lowers enemy attack is especially strong against enemies that multi-attack per turn. Her kit is pretty decent and she can be almost impossible to take down with high evasion, her slipper item and her Nooo! (peek a boo) can buy her more time to regen, her ult is good CC, she has displacement and mana regen ability. Her main weakness is her damage and debuff starts to taper off late game and her passive is annoying because it makes enemies flee sometimes.

2. Fallen Dhampir- “Crit Godess” she has two abilties that lifesteal. Her ult is really cool it can be used to strip block and armor. Her kit really focuses on aggression and that is her weakness since she has no armor and low HP, she is susceptible to being bursted down. However having 1 Dhampir is totally viable but she has to remain right behind the tank the whole time to be in range her for her melee lifesteal abilties.

3. Dark Knight- “Everyone’s First Tank” His kit is pretty garbage early to mid game, since he’s basically just generic sword and board. His strength comes late game when armor really starts to make him unkillable while increasing his damage. His main strength though is his minion item that restores mana and wrath every time he is hit. Sometimes this can restore the mana bar to full if you get multi-attacked. Late game DK might be equal or even better than a Shade since he has similar utility but much harder to be bursted.

4. Reaper- “Support Hybrid” his main strength is when he gets last hit, he heals the whole team. his mana regen is also nice. He excels in hallway fights but should be avoided on boss fights were his utility is pretty much relegated to mana regen and hoping to stay alive long enough to get a big ult against boss.

Remaining Tier

Remaining minions are pretty near the same lower tier. They not quite strong enough to be a reliable powerhouse. But they can all be viable with the right strategy or items against the right enemies with varying amounts of success.

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