Iron Lung: Game Files (SpinNShoot + Goodies)

Here is the game files called SpinNShoot and Goodies and we will talk about them.


SpinNShoot + Goodies

-If you check the game files at
\steamapps\common\Iron Lung
You can find a folder called Goodies

-Inside are Development Screenshots, Wallpapers, the Map, and a small game called SpinNShoot
(The Development Screenshot folder has another folder in it called Spoilers with spoiler stuff in it)

-SpinNShoot is a fairly simple(Yet surprisingly fun)game. You can move with WASD, and Shoot or Hit squares who get faster the closer they get to you. There’s already a help screen in game, but here are a few additional tips

-Boxes break in 2 hits
-Melee does 1 point of damage, so use it after weakening a square
-Melee has a 1 second cooldown
-Using right click for rapid fire is helpful, but you can also use it to shoot quick individual shots at mid-range
-Health does not disappear so you can save it for later
-There are no invincibility frames

You can submit your score in the comments and be placed in this leaderboard

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By sir.stevie.john

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