Ironsight: Beginners’ Guide

A guide made for new players to know all the main parts about what to do when starting to play this game. Keep in mind that these are just very basic concepts that everyone should know at the beginning of the game and I understand that I may not cover all the concepts (because I’m easy to forget things?), if you want me to go into more details or make a dedicated guide, feel free to ask in the comment section. Ironsight is NOT paid-to-win like some negative reviews on the game page or having many cheaters. Those players just don’t know how to improve or don’t want to improve at all. Ironsight community is small, so a Level 1 player can easily be matched with a Level 300 player.

If you insist that someone must be cheating, please feel free to join the official Discord server, where you can report them: Please don’t be selfish and post negative comments, it will be harder for the game to grow. I appreciate you guys.


Regarding Aeria Accounts

The Aeria version of Ironsight was closed on August 10th 2020. Unfortunately, we were not able to transfer account information from the Aeria version of the game. We wanted to help all Aeria players have a smooth transition but due to EU data protection laws, Steam not being able to verify personal information, and the servers running on different versions of the game we could not transfer account data.

Since August 10th, 2020, the global version of Ironsight has been published by its developer, Wiple Games. You can download this version of the game from the link below. (Note, if you had previously installed the Aeria Version on Steam, it will still be in your library even though you are unable to connect to it. Please make sure to download the version linked below. Sorry for the inconvenience).

Home Page

There are 6 main things that we need to know about the homepage:1. 9 icons at the top-left corner of the homepage, and we’ll look in-depth into each one of them later.

2. The big “PLAY” button (will be discussed in the “Gamemodes and How to Win”)

3. Currency:
– There are 3 main types of currency in Ironsight:
+ GP: The main type of currency in the game, can be earned through level-ups, daily logins, opening boxes, and doing daily tasks. GP is used to buy Default and Green gun skins, attachments, charms, bullet types, Supply Boxes, and cosmetics.
+ CHIP: Unarguably the most important currency in Ironsight, can be earned only through daily tasks and opening boxes. CHIP is used to buy Blue gun skins, boxes, and special charms. The main reason why CHIP is so important is that it can be used to open Collection Boxes – which will give a random ingredient Orange or Pink at the chance of 1% to craft special Pink and Purple gun skins, or open special event boxes such as Spring Boxes, Kalli’s Summer Boxes, etc.
+ W Coin: Can only be earned through spending real money, used to buy Battle Pass, special boxes, GP, CHIPs, functional items such as K/D Ratio Reset, Change Callsign, etc.

4. Player Tag: Used to check player’s stats, view achievements, and customize player tags.

5. Daily Contracts: Daily missions that will reward you with GPs and CHIPS after completing.

6. Messenger: Messenger can be used to search for players, add friends, invite them to parties, and other social features! Make sure you are on the same server as the player you are trying to add as it will not find them if they are currently on a different server.


1. Loadout:
– At the beginning of the game, you’re given 3 loadout slots that contain default weapons such as K2C, Training M4, MP5 A5, and DSR-1.
– You can buy 2 more slots with each slot costing you 50 CHIPs.
– If you’re entirely new to FPS games, I recommend using the default K2C/Training M4 until you reach 1820 kills with one of them. These guns have manageable recoil, and by the time you get 1820 kills, you unlock a special Gold skin, which can be bought with 130000 GPs.

– You can see that in your loadout slot, you have a default Holographic Sight as the default optic for ARs, Quick Shot Sight for SMGs, and ACOG Sight for LMGs. SRs have default scopes varies from gun to gun, although I don’t recommend using one when you’re still learning basic concepts.
– You can see that there’s a button called ‘Gun Range’, when you click on it, it will take you to a special map where you can test every gun with every single attachment. Here you can experience new loadouts, and guns to see which one suits you the best. There isn’t any gun in this game that’s overpowered, every gun has its pros and cons. So don’t waste your time asking on Discord about the meta, just get into the Gun Range and see which gun you like the most.

2. Attachments:
– Every attachment can be unlocked simply by leveling up guns. You level up a gun when you earn kills, which will reward you with 100, 125, or 150 EXP depending on which mode you’re currently playing. There is a simple way to bypass this, that’s to buy a Green optic. By doing so, you can use that on all the guns that support it without having to level up. Keep in mind this isn’t going to work with silencers, barrels, muzzle devices or detecting sight. That’s why I keep suggesting you guys get into the Gun Range first before doing anything else.

* The difference between Modified Rifling and Precision Barrel: Guns in Ironsight have something called damage drop-off. Your gun doesn’t deal full damage at all ranges. At a certain point, the damage starts decreasing over a certain distance until it hits minimum damage (different for each weapon)

– Modified Rifling increases the effective range at which the gun does 100% damage before damage starts to drop off.
– Precision Barrel stretches the damage drop-off point, resulting in a delay of hitting minimal damage.

Example (numbers are fictive and don’t resemble actual situation)
AK12 deals 35dmg per bullet to the torso.
– Without attachments, damage drop-off starts at 20m and you will do less damage and hit absolute minimum damage at 25m.
– If you equip modified rifling – AK12 deals full damage ’till 22m (increased from 20m), then the drop-off kicks in as before hitting minimum damage at 25m
– If you equip the precision barrel – AK12 deals full damage ’till 20m, then the drop-off kicks in but you hit minimum damage at 27m (increased from 25m)

3. Perks:
– There are 3 perk slots per loadout. Unlike guns that don’t have specific meta, perks do. Here are some perks that are better than others:
+ Slot 1: Quick Aim (for SRs and LMGs), Quick Reload (for ARs and SMGs), Nimble Hands (for SnDs), and Quick Switch (for SRs)
+ Slot 2: Double Time (for every type of gun), Marathon (for SMGs that are specifically built to hipfire)
+ Slot 3: Quick Recovery, Stealth, Blast Protection, Long Ears

A little warning: ADS is more accurate than hip firing, so I recommend you to ADS with every type of gun, except SMGs that have Laser Sight attached)

3. Drones:
– There are 2 types of drones – Tactical Drones and Offensive Drones
– The scorestreak mechanic in this game is different from CoDs, in this game there is a timer for each drone, after the timer is set to 0, you can use the drone. You can speed up this process by killing (-100, -125, -150), assisting (-50), or doing the objectives. Keep in mind that you have to use ALL 3 drones for the timer to count down again for used drones, so people who have good skills or use low-score drones can use drones multiple times throughout the match.
– Some drones have a level requirement, you can see it by hovering over the little triangle in the drone.

Gamemode and How to Win

– There are 4 main game modes, which I already selected in the picture above.- Here is a brief description of the objective, tips, and how to win:

1. Team Deathmatch:
– The first team that scores 100 kills or has a higher total kills when the timer runs out wins. This is just a classic game mode, the key to winning this mode is all about listening to footsteps ( in case you have a bad headphones, use the Long Ears perk or download FxSound and switch to the Gaming preset) and having raw mechanical skills (aim, map knowledge, rotations, etc.). For new players, I recommend you to queue ONLY this mode until when you can win most gunfights and are familiar with all of the maps.

2. Search and Destroy:
– I generally DON’T recommend you guys to play this mode at a low level, because this is the mode that truly tests your skills. This is classic CS: GO game mode, where players are divided into two teams, Attacking and Defending.

– The main objective of the Attacking team is to plant the bomb in either of the bomb sites (marked with A and B letters on the minimap) before the timer runs out, and defend the bomb so the Defending team can’t defuse it.

– As said above, the Defending team must defend both bomb sites and prevent any Attacking player to plant the bomb. Even if you failed to defend and the enemy has planted, you have roughly 30 seconds to defuse the bomb (40 seconds from the moment the bomb gets planted until explodes, but you need about 4 seconds to defuse it)

– You can use the Nimble Hands perk to speed up the process of planting/defusing the bomb.

– There is a mechanic where you can ADS and walk the whole time and not giving any noises.

– The team role will switch after 2 rounds, the team that gets 5 rounds wins will win the match.

3. Secure Point:
– The ‘King of the Hill’ game mode, where you have to capture a set point on the map. Each map has 3 points that will be randomly picked by the system. Keep in mind that 2 consecutive rounds can’t have the same point. The first team to win 3 rounds wins the match.

– A quick remember tip: There’s a progress bar on the scoreboard, you can ONLY win by pushing the bar over the little white line. The key here is to sit on the point and defend it, not to run for kills without caring about the objective. You win not by having kills, you win by capturing the objectives. You can still have high kills while playing the objective because, at the end of the day, the enemies will have to go to the objectives to win.

4. Capture The Flag:
– The team that scores 5 points first or has more points when the timer runs out wins. Keep in mind that when your flag isn’t in your base, you can’t score. Another big tip to win more as I said above, is to PLAY THE OBJECTIVE, not kills.

Map Layouts, Awareness, Rotations, And Mid Control

1. Layouts:
– This is Airport, an example of a typical map in the game. As you can see, every map in Ironsight is a 3-lane map, with a dividing line in the middle running across the map. This gives you an idea of areas where gunfights are most likely to happen.- In ‘Secure Point’ mode, where the dividing line crosses 3 lanes is where 3 points are most likely to be located. By knowing that the same point won’t be repeated in 2 consecutive rounds, for example, if the first point is in the left area of the map, then the point in the next round will be in the mid or right lane. By knowing this, you can choose where to head first to get on the point first, therefore having a proactive position when expecting enemies to come.

2. Rotations:
– You only have to face 6 enemies at most in a game of Ironsight. That means that they can’t be at 2 places at the same time on the map. In FPS games, there is a concept of flanking, meaning you’ll go the other way around the map to get in the back of your enemies while they don’t expect you to be. You should utilize this technique as much as possible, but not every time. The enemies are humans too, they know that if you constantly kill them behind, they will check their back more. Be as unpredictable as possible, and this also comes with how you should use silencers on every gun, so you can hide your location when firing, which means more free kills.

– What to do when the enemies are capturing the point? How to prevent it? It all comes down to flanking and utilizing utilities and teammates. Make sure to always push the point in at least 2 or more directions at the same time, while dumping flashes, molotovs, and grenades on the point.

3. Map Awareness:
– This is relatively simple and comes down to experiences. The more you play, the easier it will be and your mind will automatically do the process without you thinking. The concept of map awareness means:

+ If you are alone on the minimap (which I advise you constantly check, ideally every 10 seconds), you’re most likely in the enemy’s area.

+ If your teammates are spawning on one side of the map, that means the spawn is flipped, and the enemies are spawning on the other side. Knowing this will give you time to position yourself to catch enemies off-guard.

4. Map Control:
– Where is the must place to come to go to the other side of the map? That is mid. Having control over the middle area of the map gives your team an extremely big advantage. You can control the speed of the gunfights, by playing passively or actively. Controlling mid also means controlling the spawns. Take an example like this, if you constantly kill enemies after they run out of their spawn, and you don’t get too close to the spawn to not get spawn flipped, then the only way for the enemies to win is to take back mid-control. By keeping this in mind, you can expect where they’re going to be, which means more kills.


If you are up to the challenge you can compete in ranked matches along with the best players in Ironsight. There are currently 3 ranked modes available beng Solo ranked, Duel and Clan wars.
All ranked modes require level 30 to participateSolo Ranked

Solo Ranked is comprised of 10 players in a 5v5 best of 9 game of Search and Destroy Classic
(Similar to normal Search and Destroy but without drones).


Duel is a 1v1 mode played one one of 2 maps voted by the player or decided by the game if at a tie vote. The score to win is 30 kills and drones are not available in this gamemode.

Clan Wars

Clan Wars is a similar style to Solo Ranked with the same rules however it is played with 5 Clan Members between 2 clans (playing your own clan does not affect score).

At the end of the ranked season placements will be verified and rewards distrubuted for anyone who plays (Dog Tag and Emblem) with the top 200 recieving an extra reward and the top 50 recieveing 2 extra rewards. Make sure to check the leaderboards to see which mode is in season or Join the Ironsight discord to stay up to date.

By Dynamic and Phoenix

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