ISEKAI QUEST: Betty Guide 2021

This is a guide about Betty, the newest character in Isekai Quest. I have other guides about all the girls in generals, and I’ll add her to those as an update soon. For now this should be able to help you meet your new frenemy.
1. Quick and basic review
Overall I place Betty at mid-tier in difficulty. She is harder than Yuria and Maphy, on par with Eris, and easier than Agnes and Shymi. Don’t challenge her unless you have a minimum of 20 INT and Level 2 Hammer. Also there is a learning curve as she has many modes for her special attack.

2. Betty’s attack sequence
2a. In round 1 it is rest, rest, special, rest, rest, basic
2a. In round 2 it is rest, special, rest, rest, basic
2a. In round 3 it is rest, special, rest, basic
2a. In round 4 it is special, rest, basic (max mode)

3. Betty’s basic attack
Betty has a basic attack of 100 HP in rounds 1, 2 and 3. In round 4 (max mode) her basic attack is 300 HP. However she can permanently boost her attack damage during a round (see below for her special attacks).

4. Betty’s special attacks
Betty’s special attack is replacing game stones with potion vials.
4a. In round 1 she uses three potions. In round 2 it is four potions. In round 3 it is five potions. And in round 4 (max mode) it is six potions.

4b. Potions get used at the next basic attack. They can only be removed with a Hammer or with a Mushroom. Potions can be moved around like other stones, but cannot be matched with anything. Making matches next to a potion randomly changes the type of potion (see below for types of potions).

4c. Once a potion gets used, it leaves behind an empty vial. Empty vials are like Eris’ exploded bombs. they can be moved. They can be removed with adjacent matches, Hammers, and Mushrooms.

4d. Potions come in 7 types:
+Green = Heals 50 HP to Player
+Tan = Damages 50 HP to Betty
+Blue = Adds Mana to Player

-Red = Adds 100 Attack power to Betty for the rest of the round (cumulative)
-Yellow = The next attack is Vampiric (damage to you directly heals her)
-Purple = Removes Mana from Player
-Gray = Heals 100 HP to Betty

5. Recommended battle tactics
This is just a quick guide. More details will be added to the other girl guides. But for general tips:
5a. Use Hammer. A lot. Potions and empty vials can fill the board quickly.

5b. If you cannot Hammer all of the potions, then target the Red ones first. Those are cumulative and add up quickly and can make Betty’s basic attack a major challenge.

5c. Be really careful about matches when you leave potions on the board. That Green potion that would heal you can turn into a Gray potion that heals Betty instead!

5d. If the board gets too full of vials and potions, then you can lose to a “no-match” situation like with Agnes (and sometimes Yuria). This is where a Mushroom can bail you out and give you some breathing room.

6. H-Scenes
Betty has two H-Scenes. At the beginning of round 3, you need to offer to hunt Orcs with her to get both of them.

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