IT Simulator: 100% Achievement Guide

How to get every Achievement in IT Simulator


FRED Certification

Complete the Tutorial

Printer Repairer

Complete the Office Level

Server Restarter

Complete the Engineering Level

Beaker Cleaner

Complete the Research Level

Peanut Packer

Complete the Storage Level

Basement Explorer

Complete the Basement Level

The End

Escape Spladd Inc after Rebooting the Basement

A Fate Worse than Death

To get this achievement, first you must load into the Office level and reboot all systems. Turn the breaker on, and run for office room C2 (which is next to the conference room). Once inside, the entity will no longer be on the map and you can explore freely. Pick up the artifact in the office, it will be important for later.

After this, go into the kitchen area of the office and interact with the fridge. This will play a cutscene and you will receive the achievement.
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This achievement requires you to find all 5 artifacts across every level of the game. Once found, they’ll be accessible from the main menu in the artifacts tab. These give hints to the story and how to access the next artifact.

The artifact locations are as follows:


Found in Office, do the steps mentioned in A Fate Worse than Death and pick up the artifact in room C3


Found in Engineering, to access it you must use a code which is mentioned in artifact 0x01. Type the code into the keypad in the draft room, and it will open, revealing the next artifact.


Found in Research, first you must pick up a keycard on the floor of the testing range. Once picked up, activate the breaker and run toward the device in the middle of the map. Interact with the panel to turn the machine on, and then run to the device in the room where the entity attacks the control room operator. Once interacted with, the entity will vanish again, and a secret room will open in the device chamber, revealing another artifact.


Found in Storage, pick up the hammer on a shelf next to the breaker switch, then go to artifact storage. Use the hammer to break the glass on artifacts 2 and 5, then interact with them. This will cause the farthest right artifact to become visible, allowing you to pick it up.


Found in Basement, enable all the coils and turn on the breaker. Turn the generator back on and then go to the coil to the left of the breaker switch. A secret room will now be accessible, and the last artifact will be on the table.

Once all artifacts have been collected you will receive the achievement.


Once all artifacts have been acquired, a blue button will appear in the lobby that says “Click Me”. Click it. This will take you to a secret level, complete it and you will receive the achievement.

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