Jack Hayes The Lazarus Sign Walkthrough

This is my first time doing a guide. These are options I found to work, there may be more.
Including a path to get closer to Cassandra


I will take care of myself, promised.
Crime scene: Green fluid, tree, missing guard rail, and tire tracks. The brakes were manipulated.
We’re here to see Mr. Fortis
I can’t wait to begin
Check third cabinet on the right.
Knock on door
Walk in
Well, nice to meet you.
You don’t want to do this…
Is there anything I can help you with?
Truth: My name is Jack Hayes
Gabriele is aware of her mistakes. She wants to start over.
You should contact Gabriele
Man in alley:
Now I am intrigued
Jen Fortis? She was there?
Well, she didn’t tell me much about you.
I don’t mind. At all.
Date: Say, pretty Lieutenant, how about altering the deal?
Say nothing
Buy bottle of Red Wine
How about some investment in something so important?
Sorry, but we are almost done.
Check first, left one, urn statue by left door.
Talk to Josh
Talk to Carla
Talk to Josh
I talked to Carla
Friendly Guy
Josh’s computer
Search through emails and data
Talk to Richard
Pick up key
Unlock locker and retrieve picture
Give picture to Richard
Search through Josh’s computer again
We aren’t total strangers
You’re a fine young lady
I understand, but trust me
Cassandra’s House:
Gabriele at your room:
All the above and Victoria
Victoria, the unknown term
Keep trying to use the bed, then the tub
Second Crime Scene
Talk to both guards and examine the bullet holes.
He was a bit late
They were untrained but with good weapons
Way to heavy for gang violence
Stop Rudolph
I do it for the people
Tell others your thoughts
Close to finishing his plan
Always a cop, always on duty. Yes.
Go to Shop
Go to Alley behind Shop
No idea, I don’t care about NY.
The Crocodiles are dancing.
You should now have $200 to buy the gun at the Store.
Honest (Want to talk more relaxed now?)
You tested my character
All right, I’ll do it, even without the special
This case is giving me the chills
The dam is a possible target
It is logical and what I would do
Victoria’s Sister:
Just wait
Wait, this is serious!
Buy oil from Shop for your Remington
Sneak into Lab
Just take it and be silent
Think again
Invite Gab to your room
I am already curious
You are so much more
Move to protect Benjamin
No … way
Relieve the guards from duty
Open fire at them
Yell at them and get them to chase you
Reason: Do you trust me?
Show Rudolph the bracelet
It was Jen’s bracelet, right?
Reason four times for him to give up and Distract three times to get closer
(Ones I used)
Reason: Aren’t you better?
Distract: This technology will be abused!
Distract: You could still contribute.
Give me the trigger Rudolph

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