Jerma’s Big Adventure: Hidden Achievements Guide

How to earn / unlock the three hidden achievements in Jerma’s Big Adventure. This is my first guide so sorry if it’s not amazing.


The Giant Enemy Dinosaur
The Giant Enemy Dinosaur is really easy. Just beat him and you’ll get the achievement.

Friendly Fire
For this one, go to the giant enemy dinosaur boss. Next beat him until a raptor (or multiple raptors) spawn. Wait for the raptor to shoot it’s laser at you, and then reflect it onto the giant enemy dinosaur. Do this three times and you’ll get the achievement.

Step 1
Go to the Target Region (Use the checkpoint selector when starting a New Game)

Step 2
Go to the mushrooms with a V and horns (look familiar?)

Step 3
Hit the mushroom with horns twice (the horns will then glow)

And then hit the mushroom with a V three times and you’ll get the achievement

Step 4
Go into the settings menu

And enable Speen

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