KartRider Drift: Item Guide (How to Use Them Properly)

I’ve noticed when playing online that there are many players who are using items wrong, or if at all. Too many in fact. You one of them? Well you’re in luck, because this guide is just for you! This guide will go over every item and how to properly use them!


A simple item. This just simply poops a banana behind you. Drop this as a trap for players to run into or as a block

A more unique item. This sends three barricades in front of 1st place. This includes teammates, so pay attention to the leaderboard so you don’t use this on your teammate and throw the race!

EMP Wave
This item is important. With this, you can eliminate all UFO items on the track, making this good for your own defense and as a team item. Note that this is the only way to beat UFOs. Shields won’t do anything, please stop trying. If a teammate gets hit by a UFO, they will show up on your screen, so use this to your advantage

When you use this, you will lock on to another racer. When you press the item button again, you will magnetize yourself to them at high speeds. Try to target racers near the front of the pack, because if you pass the person you hit with this, you will lose all that momentum. A good trick is to bump the guy you hit since it will keep them in front of you

Another lock on item. This one smacks whoever it hits, very simple. There is a technique to hit players behind you with this using brake drift, but it’s a higher level thing, I’d recommend checking out guides for that first

Speed boost. Enough said. Do note that braking or letting go of gas will stop the boost

This item will block every offensive item in the game EXCEPT FOR UFO, make sure of that! Shields won’t work against UFOs! This is important! Don’t use against UFOs! You will be warned to use this against Missiles and Water Wisps when the screen goes blue or red

This item will hit every racer in front of you. In team mode, this will be a good chance to use Angel Wings, which we will get to soon

This item hits whoever is in first place and slow them down for a short time, and CANNOT BE SHIELDED, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?! Do note that in team mode, if a teammate is in first, this item will just whiff, so don’t waste it unless you need more space for an item

Water Bomb
Throws a water bomb a distance in front of you, and the explosion can hit multiple players, including teammates, so be careful when you use this unless you want to throw the race

Water Wisp
A simpler water bomb that only hits the guy in front of you. For both this and Water Bomb, being in a bubble means you need to mash the B button on XBOX controllers to escape. Don’t confuse this with A

Angel Wings (Team only)
This acts like a shield, but for the whole team, and like the regular team, CAN’T SHIELD UFOs! A good time to use this would be to counter Thunderbolt or Water Bomb

Lock (Team only, unused(?))
The Lock is a… Unique item. The item’s purpose was to prevent the entire enemy team from using items. It was in the Betas, however, it seems like it was cut from the game since it was OP. But just in case it’s either stupid rare or just coming later…

You now know the basics and a few strategies for how to use items, but there’s still some things you need to know. For example, you still need to actually activate your items, they aren’t automatic. I’ve seen way too many people just ignore their items and just stay in the back as a result. Use your items please. But in order to use those items, you need to pick them up, so make sure and pay attention to where the item boxes are (Protip: The item boxes are different visually on each track theme, but all of them have a ? on them).
Hopefully now you will be able to reach the finish line without any more issues in this mode!

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