KILLBUG: Hidden Techniques

Demon Shot, Blood Shot, Ground Stomp, Gun Hover and more….


Reflect projectiles

Technique: Swing your melee attack into oncoming projectiles to reflect them back into whatever fired them.

Ground smash

Technique: While falling, aim downwards and use your melee attack, damaging any enemies below you.

Knife jump

Technique: Jump from the ground, aim downwards, and swing your knife, propelling you high into the air and setting you up for special attacks.

Demon shot

Technique: Perform a knife jump, release the melee button, and hold the ranged attack button. When you release the ranged attack button, you will fire one very accurate high-power shot that can pierce enemies.

Blood shot

Technique: Perform a demon shot, but instead hold the melee button. The longer you hold it, the stronger your attack will be, and the more health you will lose once you fire. This attack is risky but has high spread and high damage, letting you decimate many enemies at once.

Gun hover

Technique: While in the air, aim downwards and shoot. This will slow your decent.


Technique: Inflicting melee damage will fully reload your gun and partially refill your health. Centipedes in particular are a good source of healing, which will be essential if you use the blood shot with any amount of frequency.

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