Kinduo: ‘Scattered Gifts’ Achievement Guide

While the game itself is a pretty easy and casual experience, the Scattered Gifts achievement will take some precious time to get it (not that much but still). In order to save you from hugging every wall on every level I wrote this guide, hope you’ll find it useful.


1st – Stage 2

Yeah, this one is pretty obvious. Don’t expect that others will be too. Just go to the right edge of the stage and grab it.

2nd – Stage 8

 To get this one you need to get down to that sink right before the door. This one is actually kinda interesting as this sink doesn’t look that suspicious to check it out (for me at least)

3rd – Stage 15

 Yup, this one is pretty obvious for arcade platformer game, it even has the tomb right next to it! Except the game will try to confuse you with this trick that many times that you won’t take it seriously by the time you get to this level. But don’t feel bad – just take the lift, jump over the gap and go to the tomb on the right edge.

4th – Stage 21

 This one took the most time to find. Use electric dash, move down the lift on the left (ha) and go right. Enjoy the pre-last gift

5th – Stage 28

 Just jump at the start of the level into the right wall. Yes, as easy as that. And accept my congratulations! You did it!

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