Kingdom of Atham Crown of the Champions: Map with All Locations

This guide contains maps with locations to certain things from towns to camps to resources.


Map – Regular

Quick image for your own purpose!

Map – Grid

A grid map for ease of use!

Map – Zone by level

Small display on how the map is separated by level.

Map – Town & Spawn

Showcasing all main town locations and their harbour towns.

Map – Temples & Camps

Showing all temple and camps locations!

Map – Crystals location

Locations of the five possible gems found in atham!

Map – Plants Location

Showcasing locations of all plants and seaweeds!

White – Dragon Claw
Purple – Dragon Tail
Red – Ember Egg
Dark Red – Seaweeds
Blue – Glory Tail
Dark Blue – Thorn
Light Blue – Eary
Grey – Screaming Blossom
Gold – Wildbush

By Osi

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