Kingdom Rush Vengeance: 100% Achievement Guide 2022

This guide leads you to get all achievements of Kingdom Rush Vengeance in an easy way, especially in some achievements that theorectically take a long time to get.
In it, there are from the most basic achievements to the hardest ones, which have some tricks to facilitate.
Enjoy it!!



The achievements are in the official order of the game here on Steam, so it will be pretty easy to follow one by one.

If you’re here to see the two tricks of the longest achievements, the first one is on the FOURTH PAGE and it’s the 44 achievement. The second is the topic Trick to Get the Achievements From 45 to 55. The one before the “THANKS!”.

It’s a simple and direct guide for you to get all achievements of Kingdom Rush Vengeance.



1 – Feels Good to Be Back

After complete the tutorial, finish the first level (1.Dwarves Gate) with 3 stars.

2 – Far Over the Misty Mountains

At the first level, there’s a “hidden” door beside the dwarves gate. Wait until the lock lit, then, click on it.
*Hobbit’s reference

3 – Morphball

At the second level (2.Corridors of the Old City), you need to find the three armadillos on the map. The localization:

4 – Final Destination

At the Kazan Mines level, quickly click on the dwarves mine cars and destroy three of them.

5 – Mine Cart Carnage

On the same level as the previous topic, Donkey Kong will appear being followed by an alligator.
Click on the alligator’s cart to destroy it and save Donkey Kong.

6 – Guac-a-mole

Still in Kazan Mines, there are some holes where some moles pop out during the level. Click in five moles to get the achievement.

7 – No Survivors I

Kill 500 enemies

8 – Buuurp!

At stage 4 (Golden Brewery), click on the bartender at the top of the map and give three beers to Borney.

9 – I’ll Be Back

At stage 5 (Clockwork Factory), there is a cauldron at the bottom left of the map. Click in the thumbs up in the surface of the lava.

10 – My Precious!

Still at the same stage as the previous topic, click on the ring at the bottom right of the map, then click on Smeagle which is behind the rock above the ring. Then, click in Smeagle three times.

11 – Go Green of Go Home

Sell 20 towers during your entire game.

12 – We Can Build It!

Build 80 towers during your entire game.


13 – Gotta Go Fast

Call 15 waves before it times up.

14 – Mouserthon

Kill 80 Chompbots in any stage.

15 – Can’t Touch This

Kill 13 engineers before they repair any machine.

16 – Curse Me Kilts!

At the stage 6 (Bolgur’s Throne), keep an eye at the treasure near the throne.
Note the movement of coins and then click for Uncle Scrooge to appear.

17 – No More Parties In DK

Reach 3 stars in every stages of Dwarves Kingdom.

18 – I’m Iron Man

At Bolgyr’s Throne, kill Bolgur, Lord of the dwarves.

19 – Not My Tempo

At stage 7 (Northerner’s Outpost), make some music with the horn by clicking three times in the courtain.

20 – Oh My God!

At the same stage as the previous topic, go to the tent near the flags and hire 5 trolls. The maximum amount of trolls simultaneously is 3, then, wait ’till some trolls die or come back in the stage later.

21 – You Didn’t See Nothing

At stage 8 (Frozen Rapids), find all the 4 secret penguins agents.

22 – Let It Go!

At stage 7 (Northerner’s Outpost), click in the snowman at the borrow left of the map. It will become Olaf.
Then, click Olaf.

23 – Hold the Door

At stage 9 (Northerner’s Village), keep clicking in the house’s door at the top right of the map until you free the Draugrs.

24 – My Watch Begins

Kill 300 Draugrs.


25 – No Survivors II

Kill 3000 enemies.

26 – We Are Legion!

Spawn 1,500 reinforcements in your entire game.

27 – Ice Sculptor

Break the ice of 25 frozen towers.

28 – Eternal Bones

At stage 10 (Dragon’s Boneyard), find all bones of Boneheart to bring him back again.

29 – How To Tame Your Dragon

At stage 11 (Jokull’s Nest), kill Jokull, the Mother of Wyverns.

30 – Lord Of Winter

Reach 3 stars in every stages of the Frozen North.

31 – Champion Of The Arena

Choose Veruk as your hero and keep using him until reach level 10.

32 – Mistress Of Shadows

Choose Asra as your hero and keep using her until reach level 10.

33 – Mischievous Demon

Choose Oloch as your hero and keep using him until reach level 10.

34 – Mischievous Demon

At stage 12 (Otil Farmlands), kill 5 sheeps and get Joe Jenkins upset. Then, kill him.

35 – Smashing Pumpkins

At the same stage as the previous topic, smash all pumpkins in the harvest at the bottom left of the map.

36 – Courageous and Caring

At stage 13 (Silveroak Outpost), click in the three holes mark on the screenshot below until you fing the Gommi Bears.


37 – Broodmother

At the same stage as the previous topic, spawn 200 spiderlings during the level. You can upgrade the spider nest to spawn more spiders.

38 – Join The Dark Side

At the stage 14 (City Of Lozagon), break all 11 lamps over the map by clicking in the purple part.

39 – I’m Root

At the stage 15 (Lightseeker Camp), look up the map and click three times in the tiny plant. It turns into Baby Groot.

40 – Soldiers Of Fortune

At the same stage as the previous topic, there is a tent right to Baby Groot and there you can hire mercenaries to help you in the battle. Hire 50 mercenaries to get the achievement.

41 – The True King

At the stage 16 (Denas’s Castle), kill King Denas.

42 – Rightful Owner

Reach 3 stars in every stages of Kingdom Of Linirea.

43 – No Survivors III

Kill 10.000 enemies.

44 – Unlimited Power!

Now, here it comes the EASIEST way to get this achievement.
First, choose Eiskalt as your hero. Then, go to the stage 14 (City Of Lozagon) and set the Iron Difficult.

As you can see, 90% of the enemies are sheeps. The reason for choosing Eiskalt as hero is it power of freeze all enemies on the map, bringing the sheeps together and killing more of them.

If you don’t notice yet, if you get some upgrades in Vez’nan power, each enemy killed by the power makes the charge time reduce. So, as sheep have a short life and die with just one power, it recharge instantly and you basically gets an unlimited power to use.

If you can use this technique completlely correctly, you’re able to get about 1000 kills each map.

45 – They’re Coming

Make the crows from the Shadow Archers deal 30.000 damage in your entire game.

46 – Number Of The Beast

Have the Infernal Mage towers teleported 666 enemies in your entire game.

47 – Show Me Your War Face!

Have the Orc Warriors Den summon 50 orc Captain in your entire game.

48 – 2Fast 2Furious

With the Goblin Rocket Riders, launch 500 nitro-boosted rockets in your entire game.



Here on this page there are many achievementes that fit in the technique I teach at the end of the guide. This trick enable you to get many achievements in just one map and will save you A LOT of time and it also serves for the last four achievements from the previous chapter.
So, make sure to check the last topic, which is where the technique is.

49 – Feast On This!

With the Dark Knights, execute 81 enemies with the Chainsaw Sword.

50 – Presto Logs

With the Melting Furnace, burn 88 presto logs to get more speed.

51 – Defenders Of The Night

With the Specters Mausoleum, hire 13 Guardian Gargoyles to the battle.

52 – Not The Bees!

With the Goblirangs, throw some beehives and kill 200 enemies by its damage.

53 – The Skeleton War

With Bone Flingers equipped, spawn 500 skeletons from the ground.

54 – Ultra Instinct

With Elite Harassers, make them dodge 800 attacks made by enemies.

55 – Thunderstruck

With the Orc Shaman, deal 5.000 eletric damage by base attack in your entire game.

56 – Ironborn

Win all campaign stages in Iron Challenge mode.

57 – From Zero To Hero

Win all campaign stages in Heroic Challenge mode.

After getting these two previous achievements, your campaing must be something like that:

58 – Supreme Defender

Complete the campaign in Veteran Difficulty.

59 – Peerless Defender

Complete the campaign in Impossible Difficulty.

60 – None Of My Business

At the stage 17 (Maginicia Shores), Kermit, The Frog is sitting on a rock in the lower left corner of the map, near the boat. Click on it and get the achievement.


61 – Glory To The Hypnotoad

At the stage 18 (Anurian Plaza), theres a toad above a statue in the center of the map. Click it and get the achievement.

62 – Crossy Froggy

At the stage 19 (Pond Of The Sage), theres a frog at the bottom right of the map. Click on the frog to make it cross the road and get the achievement.

63 – Much To Learn

At the same stage as previous topic, kill Polyx the Wise.

64 – Find Cap

At the stage 20 (Breaking The Ice), Captain America’s shield is at the top of the map. Find it and click to get the achievement.

65 – Get Away From That!

At the stage 21 (Into The Mountains), there is a dog digging at the top left of the map. Click on the dog three times and it will turn into a strange monster. :c

66 – Ski Free

At the stage 22 (The Frozen Throne), keep playing the level until a yeti sliding down the mountain chasing a gnome. Click on the gnome and get the achievement.

67 – More Than A Legend

At the same stage as previous topic, kill the Winter Queen of the Frozen North.

68 – Too Late?

At stage 23 (Back To The Rotten Forest), click in the three papers stuck on the trees over the map. Slender Man will appear and you’ll get the achievement.

69 – The Gill-Man

At the stage 24 (A Night In The Swamp), there’s a girl lying on a buoy in the first swamp. Keep clicking her until a monster appear. When the monster appear, click one last time on the girl and she’s going to sink.

70 – Blackburn Returns

At the stage 25 (The Ancient Ghosts), find all pieces of the Lord Blackburn’s armor.

Trick to Get the Achievements From 45 to 55

Finally, this section is about the trick which enable you to get 11 achievements in one map and with a simple way.
Don’t worry, this trick isn’t a bug, cheat or hack. All this is mechanics the game itself provides.

The Trick

It’s about to play an infinite stage that we can calmly buy and sold towers any time, because money will not be a problem.

1º – To make it work, you need to use three of the basic towers given at the start. So, there are two spaces left for you to place any towers that give you achievements.
Set your towers like that:


2º – Set Eiskalt with level 10 and go to stage 11 (Jokull’s Nest) in campaign mode.

3º – Start the round and place the towers in the same place as the following image shows. As the stage progresses, upgrade all towers, especially the Infernal Mage.
Pay attention to the imagem because it shows which towers you really need to keep until the end of the stage and which ones you can swap at the end, where the trick happens.

The trick works like that: The final boss, Jokull, need to be stopped by the two cannons. One stand at the left and another at the right.
You need to resist all enemies until the cannons charge up for another shot. The enemies will not stop to spawn until Jokull is dead.

4º – As you can see in the previous screenshot, just one shot will kill Jokul, but, with this layout of towers and the upgrades bought so far, you can survive calmly the enemies.
And for our luck, when Jokull is this much alive and only one shot to kill him, the enemies will spawn only from the left side, leaving the right side path free for build any towers and complete the achievements that don’t need enemies to complete.
If all your towers are fully upgraded and Eiskalt is positioned correctly, you only need to manage Vez’nan’s power and Eiskalt’s blizzard.

5º – As you’ll kill as many enemies you want with this technique, money will not be a problem.
You only need to separate the towers that have achievements that need enemies and the towers that don’t.

It’s pretty simple:
Achievements that need enemies = Left Side
Achievements that don’t need enemies = Right Side

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