Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning: Item Duplication With Merchants

An exploit I found in the game that allows you to duplicate any item that is tradable to a merchant. The exploit allows you to earn gold fast, earn components fast, duplicate potions like experience potions, duplicate unique/set items, and even duplicate quest items and more. Overall this exploit breaks the game to a certain degree and will also make your game easier.


Duplication Exploit

This part of the guide is for players who has an existing save with huge amounts gold or players who want to know about how to do the duplication exploit with merchants.

  • huge amounts of gold (Depends on the sell/buyback price of the item being duplicated).
  • A merchant to sell items to or have discounts for.
  • Items you want duplicated.


  • Do not close the shop menu after selling your items, doing so stops the exploit from happening.
  • You can duplicate multiple items at the same time. In short you can sell 2 different items and duplicate those 2 items at the same merchant.
  • You can sell stacks of items like components, potions, and shards then duplicate those stacks of items when you buy them back.
  • Their is a bug when duplicating weapons or armor. If you duplicate a weapon or armor it may not show up as a tradable item. These items can still be salvaged though.
  • Careful when duplicating certain quest items they might become stuck in your inventory. It can even restart the quest related to the item, but the quest will be bugged.


  1. Talk to a merchant and open his shop.
  2. Go to the sell tab and sell all the items you want to duplicate.
  3. Go back to the buy tab and buy the items back as many times as possible.
  4. Repeat steps 2 – 3 and profit

Earning Gold Fast

If you are still in the beginning of the game or need a lot of gold to start going big, this is the part you need to do to become the richest and the strongest.

  • 5000 gold or more.
  • Sagecrafting merchants that sell gem shards
  • Rank 3 or 6 Sagecraft skill
  • Rank 10 Mercantile skill or as high as you can (Optional)


  • The best gem to craft and sell for gold is the Gem of Bloodletting. Its a Weapon gem and the combination for this gem is pristine physical shard + pristine magical shard.
  • You can choose to only buy the shards you need from a Sagecrafting merchants to maximize the amount of shards you can duplicate with your gold.
  • Pristine shards are optional you can just use lambent shards, duplicate lambent shards and turn them into gems then sell them. Know that gems made with pristine shards are more valuable.


  1. Go to each merchant that sell sagecrafting items and buy all of their shards.
  2. Go to a Sagecrafting station and strengthen all shards into lambent or pristine shards if possible.
  3. Exit the Sagecrafting station and go to a merchant, then duplicate your strengthened shards equally until you run out of money.
  4. Once you have duplicated your strengthened shards go back to the Sagecrafting station and create gems using your strengthened shards. Make sure you leave at least 1 of each strengthened shard available to you to duplicate again.
  5. Once you have created your gems, sell all the gems you created into gold.
  6. Repeat steps 3 – 5 and profit.

By Audax

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