Kingsway: Reputation Achievement Guide

This is a summary of all events that will change your reputation.
If you aimming for achievement, you need to reach maxium reputation for Legendary, and minium reputation for Evil.



Reputation does not affect most part of the gameplay.

It won’t get easier or harder if reputation go high or low, doesn’t prevent or trigger any special event , conversation or ending either.

There is only one melee weapon which damage is scale by reputation. It is a guarantee drop at the very end part of the game, just before final dungeon.

Feel free to try different strategy or play style for more fun.

A few tips for an Evil journey:

1.Choose DemonBlood as your class. It starts with the lowest reputation, and provides more chance to get lower.

2.Being Evil mean you need to do a bit more fighting.

3.If your character is strong at the early game, you will actually get more benefit from being a bad guy.

4.All of the Healing Well interaction does not affect reputation.

5.You can reach lowest reputation between second and third beacon if you do everything correctly. There are some space for working around if you miss some reputation decrease events.

6.Achievement will pop up at the moment you reach lowest reputation. There is no need to complete this run. Or you could still increase your reputation after getting the Evil achievement.

Guide Quest

Complete any guide quest will increase you reputation.

If you going for Lengendary, try to complete all the guide quest.

If you going for Evil, DON’T submit anything in the guild except the King’s Summon, and DON’T go to any location mark by a yellow star.
You could save all your quest items in the guild storage, and submit them after getting Evil achievement.

Hooded Figure / Wanderer Event

Hooded Figure event could increase or decrease you reputation.

Some sayings you should avoid talking to all wanderer if you go for Evil, which is not correct. The talking won’t affect your reputation.

If you are Demonblood, you always get a option to attack wanderer at the “Take Rumor / Take Advice” phase. This is the main method to reduce reputation.
Wanderer usually have more HP than other foe at the same level. Try not to do so if you not in good shape, especially in the early game.
On the other hand, wanderer have a good chance to drop small bag. This could help a lot by increaing your bag capacity.

Here is a list of situtation start with encountering hooded figure:

1.Wanderer sitting on a rock
Nothing happen here.
If you are Demonblood, attack the wanderer will decrease reputation moderately

2.Wanderer injured
Give healing potion will increase reputation slightly.
If you are Demonblood, attack the wanderer after giving potion will decrease reputation moderately.

3.Wanderer under attack
Save him by killing or escaping from the attacker will increase reputation slightly.
If you are Demonblood, attack the wanderer after saving will decrease reputation moderately.

4.Wanderer selling mysterious item
Steal that item successfully will decrease reputation slightly.
If failed, you need to fight the wanderer and decrease reputation moderately.

5.Old scraggly witchlike figure
This is a good event. You should always talk to them.
This Event will increase you regenation permanently, for free or a piece of equipment for exchange.
No attack option or reputation changes here. Just take what you need.

6.Demon like creature with a bag
This event usually encount in a dungeon / cave. It is good event too, you should always talk to them.
There will be an attack option, but it will always disappear and end the event.
Keep talking and it will start selling equipment to you. No reputation changes here.

Bandit / Thief Event

Most of the Bandit / Thief Event comes with a battle. Usually you need to fight 2-4 bandit continually. So if your status is not good enough, you’d better leave them alone.

1.bandits / thieves / cloaked-figures carrying stolen goods
Take the bride will decrease reputation slightly.
Attack those bandits will increase reputation slightly.

2.bandits ask you to pay the toll
Attack those bandits will increase reputation slightly.

3.bandits don’t interested in talk
Attack is the only option here, but no affect on reputation.

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