Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series: All Bell and Doll Locations in Klonoa 2

A description of all bell / doll locations in Klonoa 2.



Hello! You must have been sent here after meeting with Momett, the Showman of Memories! One of his creations are Memory Dolls; little doll creatures that come in different shapes and colors. They are off having their own adventures in the different worlds of Lunatea, so its up to you (or Klonoa) to gather them back.

Each level (sans cut scenes areas and boss fights) have 6 little star bells that you can gather that will have a Memory Doll piece inside. The good thing is once you gather the bell, as long as you finish the level, you keep the piece. However, sometimes the bells are hidden, requiring either timed precision or to take a different path.

I’ll try my best in this guide to explain where each bell is located. While you can pick up bells at any point, this guide will be written with the mindset you are collecting all of them at once. Thus, I some times will refer to a previous bell or explain the path / area as if your following from the bell before.

!! I plan to include images after I post, as I’ll need to make a new save file for images as the bells vanish once you claim them. Expect this guide to be updated soon with them. !!

1. The Sea Of Tears

1. The Sea Of Tears is a pretty straight forward level, and chances are you will collect all the pieces the first time around. The first bell is actually mentioned in the tutorial (if you have it on), however as you follow the path, you will be stopped by Popka on how to reach higher ledges with enemies. Once on the ledge, you can just shoot the bell and move on.

2. The second bell is right after you enter the first coral cave. You will come to a bridge with a small and large Moo, grab the small Moo and turn around towards the aligned gems. Jump towards them and land on the platform in front of them. Follow the path and rocket to be taken to another area. The bell will be between the two cyclones.

3. Continue on your path, you’ll run into the third bell along the way. It is between two Moos and a jumping Digon (the jumping fish).

4. The 4th bell comes right after the flying portion. When Klonoa lands, there will be a single egg to his left. Underneath, however, is a hidden egg. Walking up to the egg will show it. Go ahead and pick up the Spring Moo and toss it at the bottom egg.

5. The 5th egg is once again in the middle of the path. After you pass (or grab) the gem modifier, you will see a small alcove with a Moo and a floating egg. Pick up the Moo and hit the egg.

6. The last egg is right after the 5th. Once your back outside, you will come to a checkpoint and a Pinkie (running enemy). Grab the Pinkie and jump up towards the tornado. While at the top tornado, grab the Flying Moo and go to the left ledge and throw it at the egg.

2. La-Lakoosha

1. Follow the path normally until you arrive to a tornado as well as a broken bridge area with a X box and a Moo. Grab the Moo and break the box and drop down below. The the left is a Flying Moo and some gems, the right has gems as well as a hidden egg. Grab the Flying Moo and walk over to the hidden egg to reveal and and break it.

2. Once inside the first cave, you will see a few Moos and ledges you can jump up on. Grab the red Moo and jump up, then the Flying Moo to reach the top of the ledge. Face towards the bell and hit it with your ring.

3. The third bell is after the mini cut scene explaining the goddess statue. Once your inside the caverns again, you should see a spring and above it two tornadoes. Grab a red Moo and jump into the tornadoes. In front of you will be a multitude of ledges with the bell hidden under near one. Grab the red Moo that is near the multiplier and take him down below. Using the spring and the Moo, you should be able to reach the bell with ease.

4. The 4th bell is past the two tornadoes from earlier. Follow along the path to see a Spring and a boxed ledge with a Spring Moo. Grab the Spring Moo and hit the bell.

5. Once in the pendulum area, grab the Pinkie and jump onto the left ledge. You should see the bell towards the left hovering over some wind gust. You can just fly over and hit it with your bell no issue.

6. The 6th bell is within the same area. A few ledges over, you will see a Spring Moo and a spring to jump on. Grab the Spring Moo and jump onto the right ledge. There is a hidden egg here that should be right above Klonoa’s height. Hit it with the Moo and you’ll be done with La-Lakoosha

3. Joliant Fun Park

1. In the beginning, right after the bridge, you will see a shooting gallery with multiple eggs. If your curious, it is the top row, right egg. Grab any Moo to shoot, you have endless tries.

2. After the cut scene with Tat and the explanation of Kitons, Go ahead and grab the little guy and float upwards, following the gems. You should see the bell at the end of the gem line.

3. You will come to a swinging ship that you need to hit with a local Moo. After you hit the ship, grab said Moo again and jump on, taking the right path. You will see a breakable X box here as well, which we will use the Moo for. Once inside the tent, you should see a few Moo, grab one and continue along the path. Climb up the wood platforms to reach the bell.

4. After grabbing the Jetmo (the enemy that shoots up like a rocket), you will fall down a row of gems. Once you land, the next row of gems down will have the bell at the top. Grab it before jumping down.

5. The 5th bell is in the Haunt House portion of the level. When inside, past the first check point, jump onto one of the floating barrels. These barrels will jump on their own, so no need to jump and float (you’ll probably fall off and harm yourself anyways). On the second jump/pillar, you will see the bell, which you can hit with your ring.

6. A bit further into the house, past the room with the large green/dead Moo, you will be in a swamp like area. There should be a checkpoint and a Kiton here. Grab the Kiton and fly upwards, tossing the Kiton when it is leveled with the bell.

4. Jungle Slider

Jungle Slider is one of the few levels that are about board riding. Unfortunately it means if you miss a bell, you have to hope to die and respawn before it, or replay the level. This also means the level is controlled by your speed. I can try my best to describe what I recommenced, but it might also be best to memorize the course a bit.

1. After jumping over 3 Spikers, there will be split in the road: a top ramp or a bottom ramp. I recommend speeding up a bit and jumping/hovering over to the top ramp. Follow it to the next ramp which will have a pink spring. Pull back a bit on the spring and hover towards the bell.

2. After the first waterfall, you will be chased by Digons for a short while before you fall down another waterfall. Once you do, the camera will change back to side view. Make sure your speed is just right and aim towards the tornado, hover, and fall into the gems and the bell.

3. Continuing on, after the next waterfall, you will see pink ramps up ahead. The first one leads towards a heart usually, the second one will lead towards a bell. Make sure to angle yourself towards the left when you reach the ramp.

4. A bit after all of that, as well as an area of wooden ramps, you will come to an area with a few Moo Boarders. You don’t need to grab one here, since the first set of vines (to the right) will have a blue gem. However the second time you see a line of Moo Boarders, grab one and on the left side, you should see more vines and a bell. Use them for a well timed jump.

5. After that, you will pass through some cacti again and possibly see the multiplier. After the multiplier area (if you were to grab it) you will pass two more rows of cactus before coming to a clearing where more Moo Boarders are present. Grab one and aim for the middle vines with the bell. Be careful on your landing, as more cactus will spring up.

6. This one I guess you technically can keep trying for, as it takes place during the Tat chase. follow Tat until you see a stray Moo Boarder. Grab it quickly and jump on top of the gate behind him for the last bell. If you miss, just keep a bit of distance from Tat and try it again, as the stage loops.

5. Underground Factory

1. Following the intended path, you will eventually reach two Ow-Gow (the eating eel things). Past those two will be two metal grates with the bell in between them. Grab a Bugon and jump to get it.

2. The second bolder that you break with a Boomie (the exploding enemy), you will need to grab same Boomie again to reach the next ledge. Here, another Boomie should spawn. Grab it and uses it for a double jump towards the left side, on top of the red frameworks.

3. Continuing on, you will come to a multiplier and moving platforms. Follow the platforms all the way to the end, you might see the bell now but its best to wait before attempting., When you reach the end of the platforms, you can grab a Flying Moo. Head back towards the platforms and the bell will be in the middle.

4. Next area you will see a spring that takes you to a line of conveyor belts and 3 X boxes. Don’t mind the boxes much and grab the Flying Moo. Walk all the way to the end of the conveyor belts and the bell will be floating above.

5. The next section is a rail where you must move back and forth to avoid becoming a flambeed cabbit. At the end of this rail portion will be the bell. It will be hovering above the last blue flame.

6. Our last bell comes in the area with the row of Boomies. Go ahead and let them all explode, as you will clear the area and allow for one single Boomie to spawn. Grab said Boomie and jump on the spring. Once up on the next platform, go ahead and throw the Boomie away from the camera (to the far off area behind you). Take the cannon over there, and a large Moo will spawn as well. Hit the large Moo, grab your Boomie and jump on top of the large Moo. Use your Boomie for another boosted jump to reach the platform with the bell.

6. Volk City

1. Follow the level till you reach a stone slide. From the top, you might actually see the star at the bottom. There is also a Multiplier here as well. Since its a slid, make sure to time your jump properly when you see the bell.

2. Once in the burning city, follow along the path till you come to a wrecked car with a Moo and an Armored Moo between it and some rubble. Grab one of the Moo and aim it towards the screen. There is an egg towards the bottom of the screen which houses a bell.

3. Continuing on, you should see the third bell, which hovers above two rocks and a Moo between them. In the background there are two Glitz’ shooting missiles on the rocks. Grab the Moo, time the missiles, and jump on the rocks with the moo to reach the bell.

4. After your first two Erbil, you will find one near a Jetmo at the end of this area. Grab the Erbil and walk back a bit and aim him towards the X box. Once your taken to the above ledge, grab the floating balloon and jump up to grab the bell.

5. Going back down after bell 4, once you grab that Jetmo, be prepared to be launched upwards. aim as far right as you can, and should see the bell near you. Once the Jetmo pops you will need to hover a bit and quickly hit the bell.

6. This one isn’t hard but a bit of a pain. On the next Jetmo, you will be launched to the rooftops of the city. Continue pass the first group of springs and land on top of the purple/pink roof. Here you will see another set of springs. On the third spring (or the second blue spring), at the bottom of the screen is the bell. You will need to face the screen and time your ring. It takes a few tries, but i found when i factored in a few milliseconds before or after the spring, I got it.

7. Volkan Inferno

I recommend if you can to stock up on some lives, only because out of all levels I found I struggled with this one the most. A good chunk of the level will have you running from an enemy. (though if your playing with infinite lives, your already good). Reminder, as long as you hit the bell and are still playing the level, your fine. Even if you die!

1. The first star is after the stone slide (that’s now on fire). Ride the barrels down the slide, as you make it to the end grab onto the green balloon, and use it to boost yourself towards the bell.

2. The next bell is during the chase phase. As your running from the robot (make sure to keep plenty of space behind you, as if the robot passes you, its instant flame death). The bell will be in clear view, but just in case, after running along the balcony of a building, you will come to two tornadoes, after which will have a ledge. While on the ledge, grab the green balloon and jump into the right tornado. When shot up, quickly turn to hit the bell and continue with the chase.

3. Continue on, and you will come to what i’ll call the ‘amphitheater’ area (as the background looks a bit like one?). Here you are still being chased, but will come to a spring and two tornadoes. Jump into the top tornado and down into the second, hitting the bell on the left side as you do.

4. This bell is during another chase sequence. Similar path as Volk City’s 6th bell, you will go along the rooftops again and this time go past the spring portion. Right at the end of this area, you will come to a tornado, a canon, and the bell. Jump in the tornado and hit the bell quickly.

5. The next area will have a Jumping in a cut scene a few times before landing on a small spiral path. At the end will be a tornado, spring, and another tornado. The second spring after this will have the bell next to it. It will be the spring with the row of green gems, with the bell at the bottom towards the left side.

6. This last area is more forgiving. You will be on top of a strip of green roofs, with your chase bot moving back and forth, You can thankfully use the springs here to hover and jump over him when he is close. Make your way down the path till you come to the two tornadoes and the bell between them.

8. Ishra’s Ark

1. After the segment with being shot through multiple canons, you will come across a Moo and a Likuri. Go ahead and break the crystal and continue on from this part. As you go on, you will come to two Flying Moo. Grab one and jump on the spring here for your double jump. You will have 3 tornadoes and a green balloon. Grab the balloon in the middle and jump up to the middle tornado, which will have the bell above it.

2. The next area, inside the ark, you will see a few windows with one housing an egg. Go ahead and take the spring and tornado up to the top ledge to find some Moo and a Likuri. Grab the Likuri and throw it at the Moo. Now, before it returns, make you way underneath the ledge towards the window with the egg. Once the Likuri returns, throw it at the egg.

3. The third egg is a bit further in the level, after you activate the first engine. When you come to the first Jetmo, go ahead and take it to the top. Make sure to fall on the right hand side after it pops. Once landed, you will come to a few springs and some Flying Moo. Grab a Moo and throw it away from the screen towards a floating egg.

4. Continuing the intended path, after using the Jetmo to the left side this time, continue this puzzle till your able to go back outside again. From here, take the path until you are shot out of the canon. When you land, to your left you will see a Boomie. Grab it and make your way to the right. Jump on the floating barrels and make your way to the edge of the platform, where you will use the Boomie to reach that bell.

5. Going towards the left from where you got bell 4, head inside the Ark. Follow the direction to the left and hover over to the lower ledge. You should see a Moo, an Egg, and a Checkpoint. Throw the Moo away from the screen and towards the egg.

6. The last bell comes after the third engine. In the area with the ledges (that are now swings), platform across them until you spot the Erbril. Grab the Erbil and jump upwards through the X boxes above it, which will take you to a pipe ledge with the last bell.

9. Mountains of Mira-Mira / Peaks of Mira-Mira

1. After the three large Spikers, you will come to a small jump and two smaller Spikers with the bell in the middle. On the jump, I recommend hovering to aim your landing just right to get the bell.

2. This one is inside the dragon sculpture. For simplicity sake, its upside down (pay attention to the enemies for your positioning). However, it is after two spikes (with a life in between them), from there make sure to angle yourself to the top.

3. After the dragon portion, continue the level until you come to the first spring that leads you to a tornado. After landing from the tornado, pull back a bit, as the next spring will launch you towards two tornadoes, the first one having the bell. If your going to fast, you might go past the first tornado.

4. The next star is in the next area with the snowmen like sculptures. Continue the path till you see a Moo Boarder. Grab him to jump over 4 snowmen (and a life), after that grab the next Moo and use him to jump over the last group of snowmen at the end of the area for the bell.

5. After the dark town segment, you will be back out in sunlight and come to a few springs. On the third spring, make sure to stay a bit towards the right, as Klonoa is landing, you want to land on the side of the ledge, which has the bell floating on top.

6. The last bell is right after the 5th, just stay in the middle of this area and you will see it next to a Spiker. You will need to time your movement as the Spiker is a bit fast and can damage you before you grab the star.

10. Maze of Memories / Museum of Memories

1. Follow the stage and you will see the bell below you. Now if your careless, you could just jump down and get it, but die in the process. Or, as the game intends, you can go into the door on the right and have the room change. Grab the Burnie and jump up on the ledge to grab the bell, no pain needed.

2. When you come to the area with the Erbil, grab it and stay on the bottom path and continue right. You will see a ledge area with a heart and the second bell.

3. Grab the same Erbil you grabbed for bell 2, and continue heading right. When you enter the next area you will see the bell high above next to an upside-down large Spiker. Use the Erbil to reach the bell.

4. In the area with the Likuri, you will see a puzzle that requires you to throw said Likuri at a Moo while hitting a switch for form some blue blocks. With the blocks, jump up and to the left to grab the Glibz. Now head all the way to the right till you come to a Mirror. With the Glibz still in your hands, you should reveal an egg, which will have the bell inside.

5. Once going through the door that was once blocked by a large Spindle (spiky enemy), continue on the path till you grab the first Moo. Walk in front of the mirror next to him and you should see the reflection of an egg. Throw the Moo towards the camera to hit the hidden egg.

6. In the area that is a tower / climbing section with Flying Moo, continue on till you come to a platform with a Flying Moo on it, and above a moving platform with a Flying Moo to the right. Jump on top of the moving platform, grabbing the Flying Moo near it. Ride the moving platform to the left side and jump to grab the bell.

11. Noxious La-Lakoosha / Poisoned La-Lakoosha

1. Right as the level loads, continue right till you see the first set of vanishing platforms. Just climb to the top to grab your bell.

2. In the first cave section, after being shot out of the canon, you should see the bell as your landing. Grab one of the spawned in Bugon and use the spring to reach the bell.

3. In the second cave section, continue a bit past a few Ow-Gow, you should reach an area with a red balloon, a Likuri, and a Flying Moo. Grab the Likuri and throw it at the Moo, then quickly grab the balloon and jump over to the left platform. With the Likuri back in your hands, use it to reach the bell.

4. Once outside again, just walk a bit on the path to the right and you should see the floating platforms with the bell up top. 2 Moo and an Armored Moo will jump from the statue and be available on the path. Use the Moo to reach the platforms. Jump over till your on the second to last platform and jump left to grab the bell. A lower platform should form by this point, but if not just aim as far left as you can to land on the stage.

5. Entering the cavern after bell 4, continue on the path until you see a spring. Take that Spring up and to the right, next to the check point and balloons. Using the balloons, make your way upwards and to the right to see some walking Moos. Grab one Moo to break the box that was below you. Using the Erbil, shoot yourself back up to where the Moo were. Grab another Moo, jump down to where the Erbil is, and break that last box. Once again, grab the Erbil and take it with you to the spring. With the Erbil still in your possession, take the spring up to the left path this time, and you will see a trapped Kiton, a multiplier, and a breakable X box. Now with the Kiton, drop down from where you grabbed him and head to the right. Fly upwards just outside from where you grabbed him and you will see the bell floating above the row of gems.

6. The last bell will be visible as soon as you exit the cave and into the Pendulum area. For this, go ahead and clear out all of the pillars. Once don’t, grab the Likuri and bounce off the Moo. Bring the Likuri with you to reach the final bell. If your struggling for some reason with the Likuri, often the Bugons will fly towards the spring under the bell anyways, you can always use them as well.

12. Dark Sea Of Tears

1. After grabbing one of the first Flolo, you will see a floating Spiker, and next to it a Cave in the background with a floating egg inside. Grab the nearby Moo and toss it at the egg.

2. In the first Coral Cavern, after you been shot out of the cannon, you will be within the area with a Flolo and a line of moving barrels. Grab the Flolo for the light and start jumping on the barrels. There should be a flying Moo near bye, which you can grab to hit the Egg that is in the back distance.

3. After being shot over to a new part of the Island, you will continue on the path to see a Glibz, and past him a Burnie with the bell hanging over him. Grab the Burnie and jump to get the bell.

4. The next area your shot into should be a broken ship. Grab the red Moo in the area and continue right until you see a blue flame torch and the bell hanging above it. Wait for the torch to die to grab the bell.

5. Once in the next part of the coral cavern, you will come to 3 Armored Moo, as well as a Spring Moo above them. Grab the Spring Moo and toss it at the first Armored Moo to remove its armor, repeat till you have one left. Grab him and continue right to the X box on the ground. Break the box with the Moo and take this path. Continue on the path till you reach the area with two Moo and a green balloon. There should be an egg in the background that you can throw one of the Moo at for your bell piece.

6. As you continue in this cave, following the intended path, you will come to a Kiton and a row of Spikers moving in a counter-clockwise pattern. Using the Kiton, you can hover over the spikes and find the bell above them. Throw the Kiton at the bell and avoid being hit in the process.

13. Empty Sea Of Tears

1. After grabbing the multiplier, the bell will appear near the end of it’s phase. Make sure to grab the Moo Boarder and jump just before the stage slopes. Hover if needed to reach the bell.

2. Following bell 1, the stage changes to first person. Go ahead and collect your gems, but be on the look out for a Flying Moo on the left side. Grab him and jump up to the platform above you. From here, jump over to the right platform and collect your bell.

3. In the same area, continue on till the stage starts to crumble. You should see the bell along the path as your jumping. It should be the first separation in this portion of the map.

4. During the tornado chase sequence inside the cavern, keep your distance and pay attention to whats in-front of you. When you come to a blue tornado, jump for a heart. Once landed, be on the look out for the next two tornadoes. Jump into them and hover if needed to reach the bell.

5. After bell 4, you will be in another first person area. After the first jump, try to land a bit in the middle. The bell will be there guarded by a Spiker. You might take some damage for this one.

6. In the same area as bell 5, after avoiding all the holes, you will be near the final bell when the paths start to break apart again. Just stay focused on not falling and hit the bell when you see it.

14. The Ark Revisited / Ishra’s Ark Revisited

Much like the Ishar’s Ark stage, this one is pretty long. It also will have a timer in certain areas. If you feel pressured or struggling at any point with this level, just remember you do not need to get the bells all at once. You can do it through multiple play throughs.

1. The first one you will see during your normal path. It is past the first two Kitons and hidden behind a rotating platform. The easiest way to grab this is to jump on the platform and wait for it to reach the top. Jump and hover till the opening is overlapped with the bell, then shoot it with your ring.

2. After the first bell, ride the same platform up to the left. Grab the Boomie and traverse the first Spiker. You can use the Boomie in between them to jump and reach the left platform with the bell above.

3. After the section with the swinging platforms, you will take the cannon to a check point. From here, head to the right and you should be on a moving conveyor belt with a few Moo. In the background is an egg, just reach the end of the belt and throw a Moo to gab your bell piece.

4. The 4th bell is located next to the second engine key. This area should have two flying Bugons, two eggs in the background, and a walking Boomie. Grab the Boomie and walk onto the right platform, throwing him underneath to trigger the block switch. Once he spawns again, grab him and head towards the right. Keep him with you until you make it to the spring. Use him as a jump support and grab the bell and the Key.

5. After the flying section, continue the path through the cavern and the outside. You will come to a cannon on the outside that will shoot you over to another outside area. From here, you will have a Moo, an Erbil, and a X box. Platform up with that combo and hit the check point. Traveling left, use the balloons and the Flying Moo to reach the bell. Might require some hovering as well.

6. Just after bell 5, you will be shot out of a cannon towards a Bugon, a Boomie, and a Spiker. Throw the Boomie under the spider and blow up the rock. Once done, grab the Boomie again and throw it under and past the Spiker. Follow it and grab it and make your way to the Erbil. Now its important to use the Boomie to jump and grab the Erbil at its maximum height, this way you can use the Erbil to break all 3 boxes above it and reach the last bell.

15. Kingdom Of Sorrow

1. This bell is past the first area’s portion with the multiple springs. In the next area, you will see a check point, an egg in the background, a vanishing platform, and a Spiker that hangs around the platform. Continue right to see another vanishing platform, a tornado, and a Flying Moo. The trick to this is to use the Moo to reach the tornado, then either climb onto the top vanishing platform. as you fall, grab the moo and land on the bottom platform, or just fall from the tornado to do the same. Quickly head back over to the left with the Moo. With the Moo, time your platforming just right to throw the Moo at the egg before the platform vanishes and the Spiker returns. If you die, it should be fine as long as you 1. got the egg and 2. have more lives.

2. After opening the door with the key (past the two giant Armored Moos that chase you), you will come to a large Spiker. Past this Spiker will be 4 normal sized Spikers that rotate around a platform with a bell. Grab the Kiton here and navigate your way up to the platform to grab the bell.

3. Continuing to the next area, follow the intended path till you come to three floating platforms with two hearts on top. High above it will be the bell. For this bell, you will need a Flying Moo. Thankfully, one spawns just next to the right most platform. Grab him and jump up to reach the bell.

4. This area is after a check point that will be next to a few vanishing platforms that head downward. (It’s part of the main path). Following this path will have a moving green balloon, which will take you on its own path to the right. Continue on with the balloon past the spikes to see the bell resting on a vanishing platform. Drop down to grab it then quickly grab the Teton to continue on your balloon travels.

5. Past the next check point, you should see blades from a Hornamoo coming towards the screen. Avoid them and continue venturing to the right with the green balloons. Once you land, you should see a broken home with an egg that floats up and down. Go ahead and continue walking to the right a bit to fine another Hornamoo. Grab the Hornamoo and return to where the egg is in the background. Be sure to wait till its at a high enough position and within your throwing range to throw the Hornamoo in the background and hatch the bell.

6. A bit past star 5, you will see this star along your normal route. It will be guarded by 3 rotating Spikers, a Kiton by your side, and have a Kiton next to it. Use the Kiton to navigate your way into the space with the bell and the other Kiton and grab your reward.

16. The Forgotten Path

1. This is on the main path. Its right before the first spring, will be on the right hand side after a blue flame.

2. After bell 1, continue until you reach the check point. From here, you should see a Flying Moo that moves from left to right. Grab and use it to reach the platform hovering above for your second bell piece.

3. After bell 2, you will be shot out of a canon and into a rotating rube path. My best description is to turn right, turn left, then turn right again. But if that isn’t helpful, it will be sideways facing right when you grab it.

4. In the same tube as star 3, just follow along the path. The section that serpentine left and right with floating Spikers, the bell will be in the middle of the path. Just grab it when you see it, its almost impossible to miss.

5. After the tunnel, you will be back in a wide open area with springs again. Its best to just pull back and take the narrow turns as best as you can. You will pass a Spiker and an extra life, and behind it will be a check point and a set of springs. Take the springs up to find another Spiker moving back and forth. Stay on the right side of him and time it to avoid being hit. The bell will be right behind the Spiker.

6. Continue on till you come to an area with 5 blue flames on the ground that shoot upwards. Stay on the left hand side to reach a spring. The springs will take you to a few platforms with more springs, until finally you reach a canon. The canon will shot you back to a slope with flying gems. Past them will be a Spiker and another Spring. After taking that Spring, stay to the left side for another spring. When you reach this spring, aim towards the right and hit the bell.

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