Kohan II Kings of War: How to Play on Windows 10/11

A quick guide to getting Kohan 2 to run well on modern systems.


Step by Step – With Pictures!

Let’s start with compatibility settings. Find k2.exe in the install directory.

Step 1: Select Compatibility Mode

Select k2.exe and select Properties.
Under Properties, select Compatibility
Under “Compatibility Mode” check
“Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and select
Windows XP (Service Pack 2)

Check Run this program as an administrator and hit apply.

Step 2: Access Advanced System Settings

Access “Advanced System Settings” either by searching for it in your Start Menu, or by searching for it from your System Menu.

Step 3 (the big one)
Step 2: Under System Properties, Select Advanced, and then under Performance select Settings

Select “Data Execution Prevention” then select “Turn on DEP for all programs except those I select:” and click “Add”

Add k2.exe from the install directory.

Make sure k2.exe is selected and click apply then restart your computer.
This process also works to solve problems with many other old 32bit era games.
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