Lamentum: All Coins and Teeth Locations

Guide for where can you find coins and teeth.Spoiler Warning!


Opening words

Before the meat of the guide, I’ll say 3 things.
1. There’s a total of 10 coins and 6 teeth total in-game.Don’t skip beginning section of the game- especially coin wish!
The other 2 points is general info what you need to know in case you want info about these collectibles and specific details(for example-missable/non-missable etc), If you want to figure things out by yourself. In other words,ITS YOUR LAST CHANCE.
2.There’s 7 coins before mirror world(3 are missable),2 in mirror world(missable) and 1 after mirror world.4 of 6 teeth are before mirror world(2 are missable) and 2 in mirror world(missable)
3. Both collectibles are required for one of the endings
For people that this info was enough-happy hunting! For others, let’s continue.

Coins locations

Easy one
2. Missable

after dialogue with spider-like monster,go to the right

ignore door,go further right

past monster,further right

Into the door

MAKE SURE THAT YOU PICKED COIN.When you comeback later(story) all cells will be locked,therefore preventing you to pick it up.

From north exit go to the left

Can be pretty tricky to find this one


You need to enter from other side(because door for this wing is locked from the other side)

Heres how you get acces to it
5. Missable
Third Nightmare

From this point go to the left

Left on crossroad

In dead end youll find full heal

Coin lies a bit further
When main exit door will be unlocked(and you get access to gardens,thanks to that) go out and go straight down,until you reached the fountain

Coin will shine,like any other pick up.
Now the tricky part-coin will be there if you used coin on the fountain in the beginning of the game.
Graveyard,Left side

on first crossroad go up



Until the crypt,go in

Heres the coin
After you get out from the undeground(this spot)

Go left until you see the door-go in

coin spot
10. Non-missable
After mirror world youre interested in this screen

from the north side go down,follow the road,until left turn
go down

past trees down(dont go to the right)

on second crossroad take right

On your way you will get these 2 guys+flying monster.Be Prepared!

In dead end search the tree

Teeth locations

First Nightmare section.Right before new red monster

North-west exit
Down,Until this spot

Left, in the dead end

Second Nightmare sequence. In the beginning you can take either path-both will take you to this spot,go up until crossroad

take left side

in dead end,behind ammo pick up
Mirror world,screen before riddle with Kids.Take leff path
Down,until this spot


From saving room,any path(again-you will arrive at the same spot(this spot))

On crossroad-left


In the dead end

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