Latex Dungeon: All Achivements Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in Latex Dungeon.


Latex Dungeon Achivements 100%

Boss achievements
Each boss holds you two different trophies: one for defeating it, and a second one for losing against it, in any case, you can get each of them by interacting with both the regular version and the one waiting in the basement of the church. Alternatively, you can save right before talking with the boss, get the first trophy, load the previous save and grab the second.

Potion achievements
Both easily obtainable from the alchemist nun in the church: for each enemy defeated, she will give you two regular potions to recover sanity and lewdness, as well as trading you secretions for stat boosting potions, just remember to come back later after beating a bunch of monsters to get the trophy.

Corruption achievements
These two trophies are gained by either corrupting each human npc (elves are not included) and leaving them alone, you don’t need to do raids for the bosses to get this achivements, additionally, consider the following, if you are aiming to get the queen of incels trophy on your run:

  • The alchemist nun will stop giving you any potion except for the insect one, corrupt her only after you think she has provided you all the stuff you need.
  • One of the npcs you need to corrupt is the rescued boss of the jungle, but another npcs can be corrupted only when wearing the suit you’re given by losing against said boss, in order to corrupt both, you need to first defeat the boss and then get the wasp suit by losing agianst the boss clone standing in the basement.

Finally, you do get both the achivements only after entering the final area, just before the final boss.

Birth achievements:
Before i talk about the three most tedious trophies of the bunch, let’s not forget the Chris Chan achievement, which you get by reaching the final boss without ever being defeated or surrendering to any enemy, which mean you cannot get it in the same save you get the birth achievements.
In a normal run, it is very improbable for a player to get even the 25 birth trophy, no these one you’ll most likely get with grinding, and you wanna do in the demon village, where an aggressive seedbed is standing just above the respawn point.
By holding X to skip text, a short defeat scene from the enemies and the use of the quick birth, it shouldn’t take more than an hour to get all three trophies.

Ending achievements
There are 3 different endings, each one tied to a different trophy:
Defeat ending: obtained by losing (or surrendering) to the final boss
Good ending: achieved by defeating the final boss with a low corruption value.
“Best” ending: ganted after beating the final boss with an high corruption value.

Managing corruption: this value is displayed on bottom left side of the pause menu, and it increases each time you corrupt someone or give birth, in order to lower it, just rescue maidens by either defeating monsters or breaking seedbeds and then deliver them to the nun sitting behind the large table in the church.

Hidden items achievements
Each area has a hidden map, containing at least a bonus picture each, among other stuff like optional enemies and cutscenes, you don’t need to interact with everything inside each map, just go after the items and you’ll get a trophy each:
Forest: pile of sheets scattered inside the hut, no particular puzzle to enter the hidden map, which is accessible from an hidden path below the farm.
Cave: book spawn from one of the chests, map is accessible from the breeding grounds, but only after killing 3 specific tentacle core pods scattered in 3 different parts of the cave.
Cliff: letter located at the top left of the hidden map, which is accessible by climbing an hidden rope in the area
Jungle: approach the glow below the 3 honeycombs at the very end of the secret map, which you can enter from the maze after killing the hidden Noxious blossom enemy
Demon: single note placed in the chamber accessible by entering the locked door at the left of the one to access the boss room, the note will be dropped by an enemy you need to defeat first, or it will be just laying on the ground when playing easy mode.
Spaceship: Near a lone cocoon standing inside the room accessible from the lower and optional laser section.

Yiff in hell
To get this achievement, you need to defeat the enemy guarding the demon bonus picture.
This monster cannot be fought in easy mode and the version hidden in the basement will not grant you the trophy.

Easy mode achievement and any% speedrun
The final achievement is automatically obtained by trying to use the easy mode key item in your inventory.

This item will give you the following things:

  • 1 copy of each consumable item
  • 30 levels
  • All but 1 encyclopedia entries
  • Completely filled basement
  • Basement incompletely filled, including hidden items (you still need to find hidden items in their maps to get their respective trophy)
  • Access to every spell, including a special one that one shots any enemy and cost no lewdness
  • End game armor
  • Full access to basement cg rooms
  • Interacting with the book/Teleport spell gives you access to each area

By activating this item, you lose access to the final encyclopedia entry and “yiff in hell” trophy, but at the same time it’s given you access to everything else in the game, including the ending, both just by running into the basement’s bottom room or teleporting at the end of the spaceship and beating up the boss, this gives you from the very beginning access to both every boss trophies, 2 out of 3 corruption achievements and 2 ending trophies, making the game any speedrunner’s wet dream.

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