Lemnis Gate: “Let’s get the party started !” Achievement Guide

This guide will show you how to get the “Let’s get the party started !” ACHIEVEMENT from the Training Room.


“Let’s get the party started !” Achievement Guide

First, you’ll need to do the short tutorial about the basics (Gamemodes, Operative skill, Movements…)

After this, you will enter in the last room where you can use all Operatives.

Go upstairs and load the next “map”.

After the loading, pilote your drone to the Training Room where you are supposed to learn how the loop works.

Wait until your opponent (AI) finish his turn.

When it’s finally your turn, chose KARL [Required for the achievement]. And look to your right, you will see a kind of vents on the ground, this is where you came with the drone, take this path.

You will end up in the “Starting room” with three dancing robots and you will get the Achievement !
[Here is my YouTube video about the Achievement.]

By WazaBiche

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