Lemon Cake: Xbox Controller Configuration

I was able to figure out how to play this on my Xbox controller! I find it much easier to play with on a controller and more efficient since I don’t have to move my whole hand to select recipes with my mouse or try to use my weaker fingers (ring and pinky) to try to select recipes.

I haven’t tried this with any other controllers like PS4 or Nintendo Switch controllers, but I imagine it’s the same process to configure them.

My control settings are not absolute of course and you’re free to change the binds to whatever you’re most comfortable with. You may just need to do some experimenting first to see what keys bind to what buttons.

Turn on Xbox controller in game properties
  • Find Lemon Cake in the library and right click on the game.
  • When the drop down menu pops up, click on properties.

  • When a window pops up, click on the controller tab.
  • Click on Controller General Settings

  • A blue window will pop up
  • Check the box that says Xbox Configuration Support

In-game Keyboard Binds

The above is what I have my keys bound to on my keyboard. With the Xbox controller support, you can map WASD to your left joystick and such.

NOTE: When you are rebinding your keys, the key that shows up will be keys found on your keyboard instead of the Xbox buttons (A, B, X, etc).

NOTE 2: I haven’t figured out how to bind recipes 5 and 6. This guide will be updated once it’s figured out.

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