Len’s Island: 100% Achievement Guide

This is a guide, to get all achievements in “Len’s Island”. Most of the achievements you can get, by just playing through the game/story.

The hidden ones are listed in this guide. If you don’t want spoil yourself, than stop reading it.


Len’s Island 100% Achievement Guide

Getting Wood
Collect some wood
They See Me Rolling
Do 100 rolls
Cleaning Up
Collect 20 Glass Bottles
Sugar High
Eat 50 Blue Berries
Void Hunter
Kill 100 Enemies
Collect 1 Lightstone
Green Thumb
Plant 1.000 Crops
Void Decimator
Kill 500 Enemies
Get a Blackjack
Baker’s Dozen
Eat 13 Bread
Limitless Space
Buy the Voidpack
Boar Hunter
Defeat the Voidboar
Lit Fam
Collect 50 Lightstone
Die to Bees
Get killed by a Tree
Gambling Problem
Lose 500 Coins on Blackjack
A Day In Paradise
Reach 24 Hours Play Time
Casino Master
Get 10 Blackjacks
Collect Every Set Bonus Item

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