Lethal Company: New V50 Moons Guide

quick guide for the new moons.


20 – Adamance




POPULATION : Abandoned

CONDITIONS : Erosion and geographical forces have resulted in a landscape of deep valleys and mountains.

HISTORY : Adamance is the biggest and oldest of what are colloquially referred to as the “Green Witches”: VowMarch, and Adamance, which orbit No Service.

FAUNA : Adamance is home to a lively, diverse ecosystem of smaller-sized omnivores.

68 – Artifice [Hidden]

The name of this moons is located on Adamance inside the house in the middle of the hole, the door is locked and needs a key or you can peek throught the window.

COST : 1500




CONDITIONS : Waning forests. Abandoned facilities are littered across the landscape, which was once teeming with life.

HISTORY : Weapons and classified technologye has been found at various sites on the surface, dating back at least two hundred years.

FAUNA : It’s rumored that active machinery has been left behind

5 – Embrion [hidden]

The name of this moons in mentioned inside the file of the new mech enemy “Old Birds“.

COST : 150



POPULATION : Abandoned

CONDITIONS : Desolate and flat with unbreathable air, Embrio‘s surface layer is almost entirely made of amethyst quartz, which is made possible by Embrion‘s distance to its nearest start and its resulting geothermal activity. The surface of Embrion is scorchingly hot.

HISTORY : Embrion was discovered in just the last century. It appears to have been used as a testing ground for Old Birds long before it was officially discovered. As a result of this danger, its status has been marked as Condemned. There are theories that a diverse geothermal ecosystem may be thriving within a vast cave network under Embrion‘s surface.

FAUNA : Embrion is devoid of biological life.

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