Lethal Company: How to Download and Install Mods

Do you have no idea how to install MODS into the game? This guide will help you navigate to the mods download page and install all the essentials!


1. Download BepInEX

You can’t just throw the mod files into the game and hope it works. You need to download an injector for the game. We’ll be using BepInEX for this game, as It’s the most common and supported one.

Download the latest version of BepInEX from  Github[github.com]

1. Navigate to the URL that I’ve provided above. 

2. Head over to the latest release page.

3. Scroll down until you see assets with zips in them. Download the version that suits your system.

x64: For 64-bit systems
x86: for 86-bit systems

4. After downloading the.rar file, put it on your desktop and extract it to a folder.

5.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Then open up your game directory folder.
Follow those graphical steps if you are unsure about how to.

Your game root folder should look something like this (you’ll have fewer files!).

6. Now move the contents of the extracted BepInEX folder to the game root folder. (should be on your desktop [STEP 4])

7. Open the BepInEX folder and check that only the “core” folder is there.

Then launch the game and wait until you get to the “ONLINE / LAN” menu. Then quit the game.

8. Check if the BepInEX folder now has more folders in the CORE folder. If yes. BepInEX has been successfully installed. (Hardest part over)

2. Download + INSTALL MODS

Where and how do I download mods? It’s simple.

1. I recommend going to https://thunderstore.io/c/lethal-company/ because I’ve had no issues with them so far.

2. Locate any mod you want (we’ll be installing the Flashlight Toggle mod as an example).

3. Download the mod. (It should be a.rar file including the file “MODNAME.DLL”)

⚠ Some mods have sub-mods that are required for the mod to work. Make sure to check the description!⚠

4. Open up your game Directory

5. Navigate to       BepInEX > Plugins

6. In that destination, extract the mod you downloaded. It should be an .DLL file.

ℹ️ If it came in a .rar like this, just open the BepInEX folder > Plugins    and the mod will be there.

And now you have mods installed!



Mods are not working.

  • – Check if BepInEX is installed correctly
  • – Check if the Mod is installed correctly
  • – Check if the Mod version matches with the Game Version
  • – Check if the Mod is broken for others

The game is not launching.

  • – Uninstall or reinstall the game (make sure the game folder is completely wiped).
  • – Download a newer or older version of BepInEX.


Q: Are the mods safe?

A: If you don’t click any ads and use the website I provided, No.

Q: Is it bannable?

A: No.

Q: Can I play with friends with mods?

A: Yes. But watch out. Some mods require your friends to have them, and some don’t.

For example, the “Brutal Company” mod specifies in the description that ONLY the host should have it. So make sure to read each mod’s description carefully.

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