Let’s MEAT Adam: All Endings & Puzzles Guide

Walkthrough for Puzzles with clues and spoiler-free text, so you can try your best to solve it blind. Also Achievements and endings.


Puzzle Solutions

VAPES Door Puzzle

  • Hint 1: It is a 5-digit number
  • Hint 2: Ignore “Top”, “Versatile” and “Bottom”. They’re red herrings.
  • Hint 3: The word VAPES is a reference to people’s initials
  • Hint 4: Their respective number is the position that they entered the house in, plus their number on their note.
  • Hint 5: Adam and Vince are unsure. This is trial and error which Adam is.
  • Hint 6: Adam came in 5th, so his number is 7.
    Answer: 67944

White Room: Safe

  • Hint 1: Exhaust all the dialogue and search description
  • Hint 2: The number of petals on the flower match the numbers in the code
  • Hint 3: The numbers underneath the frames indicate the order
    Answer: 864

White Room: Door

  • Hint 1: The initials of the flowers correspond to the word about the keypad again
    Answer: 86458

Neon Room: Safe

  • Hint 1: These are equations with colours as initials -> 1. C+M+Y+K 2. R+G+B
  • Hint 2: The initials are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and “Key”/Black, and Red, Green, Blue.
  • Hint 3: Literally replace the letters with their glowing coloured numbers.
  • Hint 4: these two answers + K=4
    Answer: 664

Neon Room: Door

  • Hint 1: This is a substitution cypher
  • Hint 2: A rainbow above the door/keypad corresponds to the colours of the rainbow on the business card you found
  • Hint 3: It is a 7 digit code, because there is 7 colours in a rainbow
  • Hint 4: The pronged-fork symbols mean addition if the number is 2-digits.
  • Hint 5: ie O for Orange = 17 so 1+7 = 8.
    Answer: 2899426

Dining Room

  • Hint 1: Fully exhaust all dialogue and search options.
  • Hint 2: Match the remaining animals without tags to their sins
  • Hint 3: Toad = Wrath. Peacock = Hubris. Goat = Lust. Lion = Wrath.
  • Hint 4: Match the pink splotches on the synonym plate to the corresponding letter in each animal.
  • Hint 5: “Dinner is served” means you only need to the letters for the specific animals on the plate.
  • Hint 6: The word needs to be in all caps when you type it
    Answer: DEADMEAT

Who is the killer?

  • Obviously, major spoilers ahead.
  • Hint 1: Who seems like they were never in danger?
  • Hint 2: Who seems to sympathise with the killer’s rationale and asks you to listen to what they’re trying to say?
  • Hint 3: Who seems like they aren’t antagonistic enough to upset the killer in the first place?
    Answer (In alphabetical order): Earl Lucky Vince
    Alternative Answer (If you’re like me and names are fried in your head): Bottom row far left and far right, and third one in on the top row – from left to right


“True Ending” + Achievement

Unsure how much of this you exactly need to do, but I’ll add all of it because it’s what I did.

  • I don’t mind it.
  • Something to do.
  • No, I better not.
  • I’m not sure.
  • Look for clues. I think it’s a puzzle.
  • Choose Bart
  • Be Apologetic
  • No one gets left behind!
  • Of course.
  • Choose Lucky.
  • Find another way.
  • Grab Pierce
  • We have to help him!
  • Choose Bart and leave Pierce.
  • Grab Bart’s arm.
  • Flee.
  • Fight.
  • Correctly guess the killers.
  • Everyone has their own preferences.
  • Bart isn’t perfect.
  • Speak calmly and genuinely.

Completing the game following this path gives you the one and only achievement.

Other Endings

“To Be Continued” Ending

Simply follow the true guide above, but choose Pierce instead of Bart – leaving Bart (omg no- puppy) where you would normally leave Pierce.

“Good” Ending

Follow the true guide above, but take Earl, then Pierce – after you promise to take Lucky. Then finally take Lucky and leave Pierce. This is “Good” because unlike the perfect ending, they don’t let you take Bart with you.

“Bad” Ending

Be suspicious of everyone and be a jerk. Get on the Pierce pound train and be an ass to Lucky – leaving him at the end. You can plead with them like you would in the true end, if you want. But by then, it’s too late and you won’t get a “game over”, so just keep being a jerk. (There’s quite a few CGs with this route, so I recommend it.)

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