Library Of Ruina: “Silence, Guest!” Achievement Guide

Also known as “How to put a stage five cancer patient out of their misery”
This is geared towards players who have finished the game and are just achievement hunting


The Builds


Xiao can apply burn naturally on hit so we’ll give her the task of applying bleed and paralysis.

The pages you use don’t matter too much, however, the ones I use here have multiple die on them in case an attack gets blocked or whatever.
Passives don’t really matter.

Purple Tear

Turns out forceful gesture is like kinda good at applying debuff and only costs 3 so you can change stance and still use.

I’ll be using pierce because double debuff stacks. (Doesn’t matter since you only need one of each stack)
Passives don’t really matter.


Or whoever really it doesn’t matter

This character will be applying fragile.
Feel free to use someone else if you wish.

Passives don’t really matter.

The Damage guy

Feel free to use whoever you want just make sure they have strong enough hits to kill the last guy in one turn and redirect other attacks

Really I guess hes just here to help the others.

The Strats

The Reception

Doesn’t matter too much as long as you can bring four people and the people you are fighting can tank being one sided by a few weak/middling attacks.

I will be doing the index grunt dudes.

The Target

I’d recommend targeting someone using a 2 dice page who Bayard can clash with on his fastest dice.

Xiao Dice

On one die use mangle (or that other bleed thing you have)

on the other die use the paralysis thingy (the other one works too)

I’d recommend not having these ones clash

Purple Tear Dice

Switch to pierce stance and use forceful gesture (you have 3 so it should be there)

Not the best clash option unless its on that one weak green page

Bayard Dice

Use knock back on your fastest die and if you can use the other one to redirect an attack that would help maybe

(survivability shouldn’t really be a big issue)

The Damage Guy

Just redirect other attacks ideally with econ cards to make sure you have your strongest ones ready next scene.

The Kill

If all things went well the enemy of your choosing should now be suffering from some serious problems and shouldn’t be too difficult to take down in one scene

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